Hose Hopping on #caturday

One of the highlights in our country garden has been all the kittens we’ve provide a home for. In 2005 a friend brought over two kittens who were abandon at the near by University after the Mama Kitten was hit by a car. I had never seen a 2 week old kitten with it’s eyes open and literally screaming. The kittens were put in the basket with our mother Kitty who had been feeding her 4 week old kittens. Our hopes were that the kittens would be fed by our Mother cat but Oppie was not too sure about the new kittens and we had to hand feed Oppie Kitty.

Hose Hopping

Hose Hopping In The Garden

One of the biggest challenges with these 2 rescue kittens was keeping them in the box with the other kittens.  These two wanted to explore and follow me anytime I was in the garden.   As any gardener in the heat of the summer I was outside every day for many hours of watering and weeding the garden.  The biggest obstacles in the garden that year was trying not to ‘squish ‘ that little Oppie Kitty with the hose as loved to follow me every where!

Hose Hopping

caurday Scratch

Kitty on Pride Rock

The kids loved to play with the kittens who made it fun with their playful adventures in the garden.  The garden cats have always loved to stand on larger rocks in the landscape which reminds us of the popular scene in the classic Disney movie “Lion King” .

Kitten Garden

The Garden The Kittens Grow Up In

Gardening where kittens are living need to be well thought out.  I never had annuals in the landscape that couldn’t take a ‘catwalk’ and be able to bounce back up.  Perennials like the cone-flower, blanket flower and yarrow are a wonderful addition to any cat landscape.  I also suggest a strong shrub like a birds nest conifer that is featured in the image above. It is also very important to not have any plants that are poisonous to animals or children.


Little Oppie Drinking Water From the Porch

Oppie learned how to drink on the porch concrete after I watered the surrounding landscape and containers. Just another reminder of why it is important to use clean water in gardens and landscapes where kittens and children play. The annual with the purple blooms in the container in the image above is a favorite of mine that I I grow in my every year since discovering it in a garden center that summer.  And guess what …. I have no idea what it is called!  ( I will dig through my tags and find a plant name to share with you all on a later post!)  This summer you will see that annual in share from my deck container where I grow a beautiful yellow rose mixed with ivy.

Lover Kitty

Oppie and His Best Friend Molly Kitty

No more hose hopping for Oppie who has grown up to be the sweetest garden cat ever.  He will follow and greet everyone who come to visit our garden.

I hope you will join in the #caturday celebration on social networks and share a Tweet, Image or blog post with your favorite cat story.

These Images in today’s blog post was taken with the Fuji FinePix S5100.

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