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Orange Mango Gritty with Turmeric and Walnuts

Orange Mango Smoothie Recipe

One of my favorite ‘treats’ or breakfast smoothies is made with orange, mango and some turmeric.  In this post I share a simple orange mango smoothie recipe you will most likely make again and again.  Don’t forget to scroll down to check out the turmeric growing tips and printable recipe. Orange Mango Smoothie Recipe This

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Hanging Out After Dark Campfire

Hanging Out After Dark In My Backyard | Vlog

It’s been a while so I am sharing a vlog featuring hanging out after dark in my yard.  In this video I share a quick video and some images.  These are some samples of what you can add to your backyard to create a fun get away for all ages. Hanging Out After Dark Video

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Hardwood VS. Laminate

Both hardwood and laminate flooring have their pros and cons.  In this post, I share my experience with both of these home improvement alternatives. Hardwood VS. Laminate That is the question when it comes to most high traffic locations of a home.  The flooring you pick is literally the foundation of your home.  This is

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carp on canva

Nature Watching Carp Spawn In My Spring Meadow

This is a short video featuring my front meadow in early May after a late winter thaw and spring showers.  In 2019 the rain just wouldn’t stop in Northwest Ohio and other parts of the Midwest.  Experiencing record floods and late planting season.  This is content from the Carp Spawn in My Spring Meadow. Carp

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sunset with the red bow hanging

DIY Evergreen Hanging Basket

DIY evergreen hanging basket.  I’ve grown everything from strawberries to displaying evergreens in hanging baskets.  Putting together your own lets you share your creativity and use what you have on hand most of the time.  In today’s post, I share my Winter Evergreen Hanging Basket DIY.  Photos and a fun vlog video are featured on

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on the fence about the fowl

Fun Facts About The Guinea Fowl

In this post, I share a few photos of Oliver’s new friends.. the guinea fowl who live next door.   I will share some fun facts about this bird and personal experiences. Guinea Fowls The birds featured in my post today are actually Royal Purple Guinea Fowls.  They are usually referred to as Guineas. There are

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coffee with a cookie in the french press review

Stainless Steel French Press Review

I got my very first French Press Coffee maker on Amazon and I LOVE IT!  In this post, I share a video of me unboxing and the very first time I made coffee in it. My Frist Time Making Coffee in the French Press   I had to do a little editing to the video

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Bird Feeder On Maple Tree

How to Make Your Own Hummingbird Food Recipe

In this post I share how to make your own hummingbird food recipe.  It is really easy… you can thank me later when all  the birds start flocking into your garden. Hummingbird Food Recipe This is a super easy recipe a fellow gardener and birdwatcher shared with me years ago.  It is super easy to

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natural christmas tree decor

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature

In this post, I share a few Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature ideas.   I hope the images inspire you to get creative with nature this season. Decorating the Christmas Tree with Nature Unfortunately, I can’t take credit for the tree in the photo below. It was a tree as you enter the Ann Arbor at Matthaei

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pond patio area on beach

Creating The Perfect Outdoor Fire-pit Area

It is hard to believe it has been 16 years now since we enjoyed our first fire next to the pond with our family.  Today I am sharing tips on Creating this type of space with hopes that you can help me look for firepit furniture ideas. Help!  Looking For Firepit Furniture Ideas Pay no

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Watch with Caution

Wild Turkey Sighting In My Ohio Backyard

One of the coolest things about living in the country is the occasional wildlife that stops by.  In this post, I share the wild turkeys and some fun facts about them in this Wild Turkey Sighting Post. Oliver and Kink Kitty When Turkeys Drop By How cool is that… turkeys decided to stop by the

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