Unique Home And Garden Winter Wreaths on GardenChat Twitter


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Unique Home And Garden Winter Wreaths on GardenChat Twitter

Join the conversation on GardenChat Twitter as social media explodes with unique winter wreaths for winter home and garden. In fact, this post contains details about the social media Twitter event along with unique home and garden winter wreath ideas.

You Are Invited

Twitter Wreath Winter Event

The event starts live on Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Twitter using the hashtag #gardenchat.  Start the conversation now by sharing below:

[Tweet “Unique Home And Garden Winter Wreaths on #GardenChat Twitter”]

In addition to joining live, participants are welcome to share after on embedded links.  However, it is super exciting if the conversation is joined live.

Questions and Recap

List below is shared early in hope that participants can prepare.  Photos and links to websites are welcome.  The live event begins streaming at 9:15 p.m. ET Monday on hashtag #gardenchat. These questions are based on the set topic. Questions will be clickable embedded links which allows anyone to click and view valuable information from gardening enthusiast around the world.

[alert-note]Question 1[/alert-note]

Do you have a wreath hanging in your home or garden? Share photos!

[alert-note]Question 2[/alert-note]

question for gardenchat event
Have you ever made a wreath for your home or garden?

[alert-note]Question 3[/alert-note]

Cut pine, pine cones, berries and nuts – name a few of your favorite natural wreath accessories. #gardenchat

[alert-note]Question 4[/alert-note]

When making your own winter wreath what are some important tips to keep in mind?

[alert-note]Question 5[/alert-note]

citrus on wreaths
Citrus on Winter Wreaths… share tips on making or photos of your favorite finds!

[alert-note]Question 6[/alert-note]

winter wreaths
Garden Winter wreaths that are edible for wildlife life.. design tips?

[alert-note]Question 7[/alert-note]

question 7
Succulent winter wreaths filled with houseplants and other warm loving plants.

[alert-note]Question 8[/alert-note]

question 8
Have you ever attended a class to make a wreath?  Share your experience with us!

[alert-note]Question 9[/alert-note]

Share a local garden center or nursery where home and garden winter wreaths are available.

[alert-note]Question 10[/alert-note]

Let’s connect … share your blog or website with us here! .

After the event links above will be live.  Those interested in learning more are welcome to click over to find more on each Twitter link. 

Let’s Connect

Twitter Wreath Winter Event

Would you like to contribute something special but are not on Twitter.  In order to do this potential participants are welcome to share images and links in comments below.

Happy Winter Wreath Making,

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