Herbs That Will Change Your Life

Did you know Dandelions can help you feel better and that Nasturtium plants make a great cover to prevent weeds naturally? In this post, we discover herbs that will change your life.

Herbs You Can Grow That Will Change Your Life

Below are some of my favorite herbs to grow that have changed my life.


Nasturtiums in the Dome[/caption]

I’ve been growing nasturtium seeds for about as long as I’ve been gardening.  My sister in law got me hooked on them years ago because the seed is inexpensive and so easy to grow in the landscape or containers.  In all the years I’ve been growing this flower I never knew you could suck the steam to taste the honey of the plant or use the seeds as a caper in recipes.

window box mix
Windowbox Mix

What I love most about Nasturtium is they support gardeners health.  A few ways to use this herb are:

  • Infuse the leaves in water (removing the leaves) to use on minor cuts to sooth.
  • The nasturtium tea can help treat urinary tract infections.
  • The plant is packed with vitamin C and can help a sore throat.

A few of the Nasturtium Varieties I’ve grown with success over the years in my hardiness zone 5b home garden.

  • Organic Buttercream Nasturtium Varieties
  • Kaleidoscope Mix Organic Nasturtium Seed
  • Nasturtium Strawberry and Cream
  • Double Dwarf Jewel Mix Nasturtium
  • Double Delight Cream Nasturtium

Health Facts About Nasturtium 

This video is on YouTube.

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Video on YouTube

Let’s Connect

Do you grow herbs for the health reasons or just because they are pretty in your home garden?  I’d love to hear from you so please connect by commenting below.



2 thoughts on “Herbs That Will Change Your Life”

  1. I’ve grown both the echinacea and nasturium. Mostly for the ornamental qualities. I have used the petals to dress up some salads and to make vinegar. Red nasturium makes a pretty pink vinegar. I used to take echinacea during the cold and flu season but got away from it. Thanks for the reminder.


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