Happy Spinach Day on Twitter GardenChat

Did you know March 26 is Spinach Day? Happy Spinach Day on Twitter GardenChat!  The first thing most people think of when spinach is mentioned is Popeye the sailor man!  In today’s post connect with home garden enthusiast who grow and enjoy spinach.

Happy Spinach Day Twitter Event

Click on each tweet below to see what others had to share about each questions.  GardenChat with Bren’s Favorites listed below!

Twitter has the option to create moments. Above is the moment I put together after the event featuring my favorite shares during the 1 hour twitter chat. You can follow more about GardenChat Twitter on my website.

Shares That Caught My Eye

My Thoughts on Spinach Day

Below are some of my favorite spinach shares that I have grown, harvest and enjoyed in recipes.   Some of my favorite recipes using spinach isn’t always salad.  Check out my spinach recipes

I am excited to try some new varieties this year in my garden. Stay tune for more shares about Spinach.

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you grow spinach in your home garden?  Please comment below sharing tips and ideas.  You can also Tweet me below.

Happy Spinach Day,

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