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Growing Now 2015

Beth Billstroms GrowNow 2015 Blogging Event

We are drawing near to the end of the Growing Now 2015 series hosted by Beth Billstrom of MoreThanOregano.com  This is week 15 and I will be sharing  a walk in the cut flower portion of my home veggie garden again because I LIVE for this time of year.  I can’t get enough of the zinnias, sunflowers and cosmos that are blooming.   Inspired again this year and dreaming of how I can top this bloom display next year.  I hope you enjoy my share with a Facebook spin.


What's Growing Now in Bren Haas Garden Week
What’s Growing Now in Bren Haas’ Home Garden

Well I finally got around to changing my profile and header image on Facebook yesterday after spending the morning in the cut flowers that surround my veggies in the garden.  Maybe it was the bees and butterflies zooming around my head that inspired me.

How to Create a Photo Album on Facebook

I found a great blog that shares videos and descriptions on how Facebook works.   The website is http://www.mahalo.com/how-to-use-facebook/.  Below I’ve included one of the videos off their network I found useful.

How to Use Facebook : Uploading Photo Albums

The collection below I’m going to want to add to my Facebook page to show off the garden and hopefully encourage others to grow some in their home garden.  The Album is at : Happy Place on Facebook.  (( Let’s Connect Over there!)) 

What to Grow to Create Your Happy Place

I recommend zinnia, sunflowers and cosmos all grown from seed. For the past 13 years I’ve been direct sowing these beauties in my home garden with only success.

You Can Grow This!
To have a beautiful cut garden like this all I did was drop some cheap seeds in the ground, pray for some rain that didn’t wash the seeds away and maybe pull a few weeds when the they seed started to put on some height. EASY… if I can do this ANYONE can! Lets Grow something together next season…. Subscribe to my Newsletter. 


My new profile picture on Facebook is me in my 'Happy Place' .
My new profile picture on Facebook is me in my ‘Happy Place’ .

Are you on Facebook?  Check it out … I changed my profile photo.I think I may just use this on my website for my profile. Let’s help each other out and connect –  You can find me at Bren Haas.  I just added my new profile photo in my cut flower garden!



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  1. Love your post, Bren! But I want folks to know that the Growing NOW Garden Tour 2015 featured guest posts is drawing to a close, but EVERYONE can continue to share what they’re growing via Twitter and Instagram at #GrowNow2015…. And stay tuned for 2016!!


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