3 Easy Steps to Grow Pumpkins in Home Garden 

This is my year…. I just know it!  I’ve tried growing pumpkins and winter squash a few times in the past 12 years.  I have kind of succeeded a few times but sadly critters or fungus seem to get the best of my harvest.  This is the year I will succeed! Here are 3 easy steps to grow your own pumpkins and winter squash this year in your home garden.

Pick Pumpkin Seeds With Promise 

Be sure to pick pumpkin seeds that have a history of success. You can’t go wrong with the varieties from Botanical Interest, Burpee and / or those that have won the AAS Winning seeds  award.  there are so many great varieties on the market today that you just can’t go wrong ! Pictured below are a few of the seeds I will be growing in my home garden .

seeds AAS
AAS Winners are picked from successful growing across the country.


Excited to grow these pretty ones from Botanical Interest


Seeds from This Century  

Obviously I am not a fashion expert but I can tell that the shirt the gentleman is wearing on the seed packet wasn’t even in style in 1996! Be sure to check see packages for proper growing dates. Seeds do expired just like food in your kitchen.

I’m framing this seed package I found at a Seed Swap : be sure to check dates on seed packages!

Space To Grow

Cinderella’s Carriage : Pumpkin need Room to Grow!

These Cinderella’s Carriage pumpkins get big… Be sure to allow enough space to grow.  Keep in mind  that there are many new varieties of pumpkins and winter squash for small space garners as well as large farm varieties.

 Ask The Experts 

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Join the conversation on #garden chat tonight as Janet Cassidy Guest hosts sharing how to grow pumpkins and winter squash.  Just click over to Connect-Share-Grow.com for complete details and I hope to see you there!


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