Continuing to Grow a Garden Out Of Season

I call it breaking the rules… being able to do things that you aren’t suppose to do.  In today’s post I share how to Continuing to Grow a Garden Out Of Season.

It’s starting to feel like November out in the garden after having a few nights in the low 30’s. I’m actually enjoying the pretty frost covered grass in the morning after feeling a little panicked a few weeks ago when we laid the foundation Geodesic Bio Dome. After growing 6 years somewhat successfully in the 10’x12′  greenhouse I couldn’t stop thinking a bout  how in the world am I going to be able to grow anything this late in the season?!  

Growing Food During November Frost
Frost Covered Lawn in the Morning After First 30*F Overnight Low.

Watching the weather forecast very close for the first week of November even though I knew all the veggies, herbs and annuals I wanted to safe for next year needed to be tucked in weeks ago.

Growing Food During November Frost

The first thing I added to the dome was a section planted directly in the ground where I could grow cold hardy crops.  My friends at the garden center gave me 3 flats of Russian Kale, Broccoli and Cabbage to add to this section.  The make-shift raised bed using recycled bricks I had stored from an early landscape job in my gardens worked great to help make a border filled with loose soil for growing.

Growing Food During November Frost
Cabbage, broccoli and kale growing directly in the dome ground.


Veggies and Herbs in the Dome

I just loved the variegated kale, HUGE parsley plant and my container from the pond deck filled with Tomatoes, Peppers and a few blooms so much I hauled them into the dome.

Starting Seeds

In a few of my favorite growing structures I started food from seed that I knew would grow fast.  The 3 different varieties of radishes I planted sprouted in 3 days but the different lettuces I planted are taking their time.  I’m a little worried that the lettuce seed may have been too old.  It wouldn’t hurt to start more lettuce seeds in containers today because you can never have too much homegrown lettuce.

LIVE in the Dome

Check out how big that parsley plant was when I dug it out of the raised beds in the garden and brought it into the dome.  I cut the herb back ( preserved the harvest for later use ) and within a few days new growth had appeared.  The plants are loving the heat in the dome as much as my pup Olivia and I are!

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Let’s Connect

So what do you think of the Dome?  I know just about everyone loves homegrown food .. can you imagine being able to harvest your own all year-round?!   Share with me what you think about the dome and what food you grow in your garden by commenting below.


7 thoughts on “Continuing to Grow a Garden Out Of Season”

  1. This has me feeling guilty that I am not growing something in the greenhouse except overwintering ornamental plants. I may have to try some lettuce seeds tomorrow. No frost here yet but its down to 40F and isn’t much warmer in the greenhouse. My cold greenhouse isn’t warm enough for tomatoes, I wish it was.

    • But there are so many other things that could be growing in that space besides tomatoes. I’m a huge tomato fan too.. BUT…. think of all the radishes, lettuces, and kale you could be enjoying?! And lets not forget how awesome it is to walk outside into your own growing space and just look at what you helped create!!!!

  2. How are you finding your dome? I’m hearing contrasting views, the main one being ventilation and them getting very hot. We’ve had no frost here in Ireland yet but might be forecast for this weekend.

    • It gets very toasting in the dome if you don’t open it up… you have to ventilate just like any greenhouse. The really cool thing about the heat in the dome is it is indirect sun so the plants are getting burned and drying out the soil fast like my conventional greenhouse I have on the property.

    • Thank you Erin … I’ll have another share today from the dome : Geodesic Bio Dome Gardening. I’ve always admired folks in the south and how they can grow Poinsettias outdoors. I’m going to hopefully add some of this favorite Holiday plant to my dome garden. Stay Tune and thank you for stopping by my blog .. what an honor to have you!

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