Grow Your Own Anise Hyssop Blossom Tea

One things I love about summer is the blooms on the Anise Hyssop plant in my garden and all the beautiful bumble bees it brings. When you rub up against it a fresh sent of licorice fills the air! Did you know that you can start many perennial plants from seed indoors or in a cold frame right now?  In today’s share I asked Miriam Goldberger to share her favorite recipes using wildflower and or herbs.

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Anise Hyssop Blossom Tea
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Anise Hyssop Blossom Tea


  • Giant fistful of fresh licorice scented Anise Hyssop blossoms and some leaves.
  • Boiling Water


  1. Harvest a giant fistful of fresh licorice scented Anise Hyssop blossoms along with some leaves.
  2. The leaves and blossoms can be steeped as a classic sun tea in a giant jar all day in the sun.
    Kettle Method
  1. Place blooms and leaves in an old fashioned tea pot and pour very hot or boiling water and let steep for 10-12 minutes.

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[alert-note]I’m excited to learn more about wildflowers and herbs because many of these plants the deer will stay out of back around my Geodesic Bio Dome.  I’m hoping to fill the landscape back there with more amazing pollinators and maybe even add a bee hives back in the meadow.  The possibilites are endless when you include natural, wildflowers and herbs to your landscape, home and garden.

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