If I Can Grow a Rose

Five summers ago it all started with a pair of Knock Out Roses planted just outside the mudroom attached to our garage. This landscape rose was a new product in my area that promised fabulous blooms with low maintenance. I planted them outside the entry door to the mudroom because I remembered the scent of roses growing up from the beautiful roses my parents in a similar location. I also wanted them close by so I could keep and eye on the growth in case they ended up not being so easy to grow.  Much to my surprise, in only a few years this rose shrub has grown from a small start in a 1 gallon container to over 5 feet tall.

My next addition to the landscape was a Red Carpet Rose. I purchased this rose because it was at 75% off and I figured if it didn’t grow I had only last a few dollars and gained some knowledge about growing roses. Much to my surprise this rose took off the first year and the second year I had used Twitter to ask how to prune the monster. The pruning advice I received that day gave me the confidence to grow another rose in that same space only a climber to grow behind it. Read what I wrote about the pruning advice I had received on this blog post link.

Here is the bloom from that climber I added behind the red carpet rose. I’m horrible with names and I’m not sure the official name of this one.  I was just so excited to see the red one take off after pruning it that I rushed out and purchased another one paying only attention to the fact that it was a climber.

Here is that yellow rose climbing the trellis I had my husband build last summer after receiving the rose pruning advice. I had a few problems with bugs eating at this rose so I used some soap spray to save the rose from losing all of its green leaves.
Nothing beats the view from the mudroom windows now that I took the chance and found some confidence to try growing roses in my Ohio landscape. If I can grow roses successfully I truly believe anyone can.   Follow my blog this summer as I share more roses I will be adding to to my garden including some beauties from THE CONARD-PYLE CO. and some David Austin Roses.

Saturday morning at 10:30 AM ET I’m on #rosechat blog talk radio with Chris VanCleave ( @redneckrosarian) sharing information about social media as well as my success with growing roses. I hope you will tune in and join in the conversation on twitter at #rosechat.

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