Grow What You Love Book Review, GardenChat and Giveaway

GardenChat friend just had her first book published and I’m excited to share it with you today.  In this post I share ‘Grow What You Love’ book review and a book giveaway under the dome.  You will also find GardenChat information where you can connect with the Author , Emily Murphy / @passthepistil Twitter.

‘Grow What You Love’ book review under the dome

It is a beautiful book that will inspired you to ‘Grow What You Love’. I had a few folks join me live as I streamed on YouTube sharing what is going on in my dome and this book review.

This video on YouTube at Grow What You Love

How To Enter Book Giveaway

The author of ‘Grow What You Love’  donated an extra book that I could giveaway to one of my readers.  Be sure to click over to YouTube and follow me there to enter.  Follow directions below to be entered:

  1. You must be 18 years of age to enter.
  2. The book can only be shipped to USA address.
  3. Follow @brenhaas on YouTube If you have a YouTube account.
  4. Comment on this blog post and tell me what you love to grow (or hope to grow this year!)
  5. I will contact the winner via email by Noon ET before the LIVE STREAM March 7,2018 when I announce the winner.

Join The Conversation on Twitter

Grow what you love

Meet The Author on Twitter – Monday February 26,2018 at 9-10 p.m. ET for #gardenchat.  To join you must be a Twitter user or you can click on the embedded questions below to see what everyone was sharing during the event.

Questions for GardenChat : Grow What You Love

The conversation is live on Twitter at 9 p.m .ET Monday.  Below are the questions that will be featured so be sure to click on them after the scheduled time to contribute and see what others are sharing.

  • Question 1: What is your favorite thing to grow? #gardenchat

  • Question 2: Of all the kitchen garden edibles you grow, which ones do you love to reach for more often? #gardenchat

  • Question 3: What are some of your favorite garden-to-table recipes you love to grow? #gardenchat

  • Question 4: You just LOVE this seed and have to grow it year-round….  #gardenchat

  • Question 5: Do you have a favorite way to grow a garden? (greenhouse, indoors, in the ground etc) #gardenchat

  • Question 6: What companion plants you grow season after season? #gardenchat

  • Question 7: Do you have a favorite herb you enjoy growing in your home garden?  #gardenchat

  • Question 8: What are the plants you think everyone should grow and why? #gardenchat

  • Question 9: Do you have a favorite plant your pet loves to enjoy? Do you grow it?  #gardenchat

  • Question 10: Where can we connect with you on social media or your blog? #gardenchat

Own Your Own Copy

Interested in purchasing your own copy of Emilys new book?  Please be sure to click over to Amazon to purchase your own at Grow What You Love by Emily Murphy to have it shipped to you in a few days!

Let’s Connect

I want to connect with you so please share with me what you love to grow.  Comment below or find me on my social media at @Brenhaas.

Happy Gardening and GOOD LUCK!

13 thoughts on “Grow What You Love Book Review, GardenChat and Giveaway”

    • Sounds beautiful Marcy!!!! I hope you share photos of your garden with us on your blog or social media! #gardenchat is a great hashtag to share your garden with others. Best of luck with the book giveaway.

  1. I’m excited to be growing some new greens: mache, claytonia, & orach; my tomatoes and peppers (half the garden!); and dark berries – aronia viking and a garden blackberry. I’m working hard to add companion plants and pollinator flowers, too! It’s going to be a busy year in the yard!

  2. I am excited about renovating my back yard to accommodate a purple garden in memory of my parents. I am also looking forward to adding caryopteris in my front garden as well as other pollinator attracting plants.
    Just excited for the season to begin!

  3. I’m going to grow a sunflower garden next to my garage this year! Hopefully it will be a beautiful sight to see when people come down our road!

  4. I would love to grow strawberries and cantaloupe this year. Also some zuchinni might be something I want to start.


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