Grill Like a Pro : Tips for Summer Grilling

Grilled Ribs
Grill Like a Pro with these summer grilling tips. Save room on the rack for your favorite veggies you just harvested like squash, onions, corn and peppers. **photos and more grilling tips from Tony Roma’s.

Just in time for Summer … here are some grilling tips you’ll want to remember this season.  Nothing beats fresh veggies fresh and meats on the grill on a summers afternoon.  Below are tips for grilling burgers on the grill : be sure to save room on the rack for your favorite veggies you just harvested like squash, onions, corn and peppers.

Burger Rules to Insure Your Burger Rules

  • Balanced Flavor of Succulent Beef & Flame
  • Hot and Juicy

Prior to placing any burgers on your grill:

  • Clean, brush well with a wire brush.
  • Well oiled with vegetable oil. Simply dip a paper towel and wipe down your grill gates.
  • The grill should be 500F prior to placing burgers on grates. Most grills have a
  • temperature gauge built into the lid. If using charcoal, insure the coals are lighly ashed-
  • over. Leave a small section of the grill without flame, in case of flair-ups.
  • Burgers should sizzle once on the grates.

Note: If your still a purist, and are using charcoal – I applaud you, but “86” the light fluid and

invent in a $12 electric charcoal starter. Simply lighter fluid can impart a harsh chemical flavor

into your food, basically tainting the flavor of the meat and ruining your results.

Juicy Burger Preparation

  • Use 80/20 lean ground beef chuck
  • The fat provides flavor. During the cooking process, fat also helps to impart a smoky flavor as if
  • drips into the flames. The 500F temperature will allow the grates to provide a sear flavor that
  • If your hand forming beef patties (Highly Recommended), insure not to overwork the
  • ground beef (Recipe to Follow)
  • Form burgers to ¾” in thickness. Size and shape should consistent.
  • Place formed burgers on a baking sheet and return to refrigeration. Chill 30 minutes Note: Insure the bun size is relative to your burger diameter.

Grilling Techniques:

  • Place burger on hot grates.
  • Close lid. Listen for fair-ups.
  • After 4 to 5 minutes, with a metal spatula (no tongs) carefully slide the spatula under the
  • burger and rotate 90degrees. Move burger from the back of the grill to the front and from
  • the front to the back to insure even cooking. Most times burger cook faster in the back of
  • Return lid. Continue to cook for 2 minutes.
  • Once you see beef juices on the surface of the burger, flip the burgers over. Manage
  • Remember – Flip burgers only once.
  • Grill Burgers to 160F. A thermometer is the easiest and safest way to insure burgers are
  • Total cook time is approximately 8 to 10 minutes.

Thank you Tony Roma’s for the mouth watering photo and grilling tip’s.

Are you having burgers after reading this post?! Happy Summer Grilling Friends!



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