Greenhouse After Freeze

In this post I share what it is like to experience a freeze in a home greenhouse. I share tips on what to grow and why it is important to have backup heat.

This post was originally written February 12,2010

Path to Greenhouse In Snow
My Sweet Aussie Loved the Greenhouse Experience

NO Heat and the Greenhouse Freeze

I woke on this Bloom Day in February to find that my heater had turned off during the night in the greenhouse.  The temperature outside was a crisp 2*F and the greenhouse was at  25*F  when I awoke at 7 am.  Not to panic because from the looks of the house so far nothing major is seriously damaged.  The new little basil starters that were struggling along got their final zap.  This has all been a wonderful learning experience.  I have learned that ‘maybe’ I might want to look a little more serious at the thermometer with an alarm that will go off when it reaches the ‘danger’ zone in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse After Freeze

It was interesting to see how plants respond to the cold temperatures in such a short time.  I do belief things could have been worse in the greenhouse if the heater would have gone out earlier.  Luckily, at day break the sun was out and heated the space quickly.

Below are a few things that can take a cold snap!

Over the years I have learn that you can grow in my hardiness zone without a heated greenhouse.  The key is growing the right things and having pleating in the space that collects passive heat.  One thing for sure is to keep in mind that this is all a learning experience and nothing is failure.

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snow in Ohio Spring
Snow in Spring Is My Favorite!

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