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A few weeks back I received an invite via email from my nephew to join his Google+ circle.  Flattered that I was invited by my young techy relative who I just adore there was no hesitation to click into his circle.  After spending about 15 minutes clicking around in the application the positive unfamiliarity  reminded me of the early days on  YES… not a typo I am referring to that social community that came out before  Facebook. The sky was the limit with endless possibilities for communicating and yet the puzzling question of how to get my friends on this site so we can connect to full potential.    In a short time with less free time to spend building a new network on google it appears a good majority of the gardening community has caught the google-bug!  Could it be everyone learned a thing or two being on Facebook making it easy to interact on the new Google+ ?

How To + Google

In the beginning stage of this new networking launch Google only allowed limited access to becoming a user.  I will admit I saw one of my gardening connections sharing photos from the new toy and I wanted to play as well so I asked for  the scoop.  He was unable to send me the information at the time and I know believe it may have been because  a limited number of users were given 15 invitations apiece to bring others on board.  If you’re eager to begin trying out Google+ and can’t find someone with a spare invitation, you can sign up to request a Google+ account here.


If you are looking for the latest information about Google + be sure to follow them on Twitter.  Their updates and suggests are worth the follow and you might even get a reply if you have a question that catches their eye.

Make Circles : What Better Way To Connect

Once you have your account start making some connections by using the CIRCLES to organize your friends. At the top of your account page once you are signed into your Google +  you will see :  Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.  Click on the CIRCLES to get add friends from your email accounts, facebook and even a suggested group that has been chosen by key words in your history account.  Be sure to add a #gardenchat circle!  Basically what the circles allow you to do is to  break down your connections into its various constituent parts and keep them separate from each other as opposed to one giant feed.  This allows you to view only what you want when you want making it easier to navigate and communicate.   Getting organized allows you more time to do other things you enjoy – like gardening!

For detailed information on the GOOGLE+ works please visit the tutorial site at HOW TO USE GOOGLE PLUS.
Take Google+ into the garden with you by using the network to share images and make conversation with those online.  It is amazing how many people add me to their circle when I tweet out an image I shared on Google+  from my garden in Ohio.  This maybe t he weed that over takes Facebook.

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