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My Home Greenhouse in 2012


Hard to believe there was a time in my life I didn’t like gardening.  I was 10 years old and my parents decided they were going to make this HUGE veggie garden because we were the city folks who moved to the country.  As my teen years arrived I was fortunate enough to have been within walking distance of a Mom & Pop greenhouse where I was able to work part-time making some extra money and learning about greenhouses. After helping out at a local greenhouse for a few years as an adult I was intrigued how a greenhouse in the north can extend your growing season. I never imagined that in my adult life I would have acres of gardens and a home greenhouse to garden year-round in.

Bren The Greenhouse Grower

It is hard for me to put in words so I will share lots of images expressing the excitement my family and I have living with a home greenhouse. We start the journey when my husband found the used 10’x12′ greenhouse on ebay back in 2009.  The trip was a family adventure on a cold day in Autumn to a couples home about 2 hours from ours.  We worked together dissembling the greenhouse that was still under warranty. I wish the greenhouse was still in production because over the past years of sharing my adventures I’ve had many ask where to purchase their own.

In early November of 2009 my greenhouse project had officially begun.  That summer was spent building a shed that would provide a barrier on the coldest days that hit our region. I wanted a building that could easily be walked through while providing shelter for the rabbits we raise.  Opening the door to the greenhouse to a well insulated structure would make a significant  difference with temperature control  in this 10′ x 12′ greenhouse.

The greenhouse kit we own is a  Gardener Company kit that my husband had found on in a classified ad on the web.  It was gently used and the owners of this structure lived only a day trip drive from our garden.   It is amazing what you can find on the web!  I would suggest looking on sites like ebay, Craig’s List and local classified ads before making your purchase of a greenhouse.  You maybe able to save yourself a few extra dollars that can be used toward more plants for your garden.


The big project in the summer 2009  was construction of the Bunny Barn with attached Greenhouse. We started by having our rabbit owner in the family draw up plans for a place to hang the many ribbons she has won over the years.  A special place just to raise and train Netherland Dwarfs.  Someday this 12′ x 16′ shed will be a full time potting shed but till then it is home for some 20 plus show bunnies.   The barn construction took the longest out of the two structures to complete.   We were able to use a few left over supplies from a larger barn construction project we had added to our property a few years back.  The main door of this smaller barn was recycled from our home after a remodeling project as well.   This new structure is well insulated that provides a some what stable temperature year-round.    There is no heat source in this structure but we did add a humidifier because rabbits are very sensitive to humidity.   The 12’x16′ barn took about 3 months to complete.

Once the bunnies were all moved in the construction on the Greenhouse attachment began. I think the bunnies were so excited to get out of the garage and into their new home that they sound from the tamper to flatten the  ground before the foundation was built to the green house didn’t bother them.  The photos to the right show the rock, block and tiling work that make up the floor for the greenhouse kit to be attached to.  Their is plumbing under the structure that can be connected at a later time. For the time being I am taking advantage of the exercise I get caring water containers to the greenhouse as needed. I have plans to add a sink or hose in the barn attached to the greenhouse in the years to come.

The greenhouse kit went together with ease.  Photos below show the simple double panel frame this kit consists of. A few extras were added to enforce the structures base.  The ‘difficult’ part of the job was attaching the greenhouse to the shed structure.  We ended up using a thick  rubber material to make a type of gasket fit between the two doorways.  the greenhouse door is used as the actual door leading into the greenhouse from the barn.  Having to walk through the heated barn structure into the greenhouse will help keep the conditions in the greenhouse level.

I don’t think the last panel to the house had been bolted up for more then an hour that I had the new seeds planted and some fresh Fall finds ready to be planted in containers for fall as pictured in the image below.

Around The Greenhouse

My landscaping plans around the greenhouse structure includes raised beds for square foot gardening.  Adding raised bed structures in landscaping around the greenhouse would also help with keeping the panels of the house from being damaged while mowing. We were running short on time and had other projects to begin so the rest of the beds will have to go in this spring.  For now I have two 4’x4′ raised beds that run along the walkway into the structures.  After the bolts were sledge hammered through the landscaping timbers we filled them with moss, top soil and compost.  These are going to be wonderful beds for the spring garden.  It will be nice to have these gardens so close to the house so I can cover them easier when the frost arrives in the spring.  I will be adding more to the landscape around my greenhouse and documenting it as I go on the Greenhouse Landscape Project Located on this site.

The First Bloom Day

November 15,2009

The image below was my first bloom day in the greenhouse.   I get excited just looking at it and can remember it all quit well. Through the past years I’ve been sharing my experience growing year-round at : Bren’s Home Greenhouse.

Follow this link to my shares daily from the greenhouse  : Bren’s Home Greenhouse.

Have a question  about growing year-round in your own greenhouse.  Do you use a greenhouse and would like to connect?  I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment on this page.