The holiday season is upon us which means that plenty of people are going to binge eat and hopefully take this weight off when the new year arrives.  In this article, I will share 4 Tips To Help You Get Through The Holidays Looking Your Best

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4 Tips To Help You Get Through The Holidays Looking Your Best

What many people don’t realize is that it is possible to get through the holidays looking at your best. The following are tips that will help you get through the holidays looking your best so you can start 2019 at a high instead of a low that you have to recover from.

Stay Active

I was impressed to see the local gym we drove past on New Year’s Eve was packed. The gym was so packed we couldn’t find a parking space. Staying active during the holidays should not be tough due to extra days off work around the holidays.   Even if you do not have a gym in the town that you are visiting this does not mean that you cannot do any type of physical activity. There are many activities you can do to keep moving and burn calories without the gym. A family basketball game or doing exercises with your body weight can give just as good of a workout as hitting the gym.

We recently brought home a new pup so I am very active walking the new addition as much as possible. Every little bit of activity counts!

Moisturize Your Skin

Hemp seed oil benefits on the skin are immense when it comes to moisturizing if you are looking for a natural way to keep your skin healthy. For those people living in colder climates skin could be cracking or dry if you spend a decent amount of time outdoors. Sunny winter days in my greenhouse means I need to moisturize.  This can help reduce the odds of peelings and even protect skin. Hard to believe I live in Ohio and got my tan naturally in the winter – right?!

Healthy Holiday Season


Recently I purchased Original Hemp Pure Herbal Extract from Costco.  I love it! I use this product as a body moisturizer and even on my face.  I am going to share the Amazon link (Original Hemp Pure Herbal Extract) in case you want to order your own right now.

Eat Well Starting NOW

Eating as much as you would like on the day of the holiday should not be avoided. What needs to be avoided is eating like this for the duration of the week due to the vast amounts of leftovers. For the rest of the holidays you will have more than enough time to cook for yourself on days off. You can meal prep during these days so you do not resort to eating the leftover cheesecake for lunch instead of a Simple Quinoa Salad Stuffed Avocado.

A few of my Favorite Recipes



Alcohol in Moderation

Wine Christmas TreeAlcohol is part of the holidays for some families whether it is drinking eggnog or having wine with dinner. Moderate your alcohol consumption as it is high in calories. Sometimes, too much can also lead to fridge raids where thousands of calories could be consumed. Moderate your alcohol consumption by drinking a glass of water for each glass of liquor.  In the evenings I do enjoy a glass of wine but I always have my water glass close by.

Make The New Year The Best Ever

As you can see it is not impossible to get through the holidays without impacting your look. Try it out this holiday season to see if you can look your best during the holidays and beyond.

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Happy New Year,

Bren Haas

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