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How to Prune Roses in the Spring Home Garden

You can’t have a garden without a few roses too enjoy. Over the years roses have come and gone in my Ohio garden.  I have learned so much other the years. In this post I am sharing how I prune my roses during the Spring Season. Pruning Roses Tips It is important to watch the

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Easy Indoor Seed Starting Tips

Early spring is the perfect time to get a head start on summer gardening by starting seeds indoors. In this post I share my easy seed starting tips with photos and even a video. For the past six years I’ve been starting peppers, tomatoes, and eggplant successfully indoors and transplanting the starter plant in the

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Catch The Wave This Spring : Add Trailing Pansies

I’m noticing as I shop the garden centers this spring a trend of new gardeners filling their carts with spring blooms like the dainty little pansies. With the variety of colors available this year it’s hard not to grab a six pack of these once known as old fashion flowers. Pan American Seed is making the pansy hip to plant with it’s new trailing features.

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