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Hellebore in my Spring Home Garden

Hellebore has been the highlight of my Spring since 2005 after adding this perennial to my shade garden.  In this post, I highlight Hellebore in my Spring Home Garden. Hellebore in my Spring Home Garden Earlier this week someone on Twitter asked me about Hellebores and I mentioned I would make a video.  Here is

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handful of pea pods

Growing Peas With Children in the Home Garden

Celebrating Spring in the garden the perfect way – by starting seeds with my little helper. Each year I am anxious to start seeds. It is even more rewarding to start seeds with a little helper. In this post I share some fun facts on how we grow peas in my home garden. Peas Are

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Garden Center Visit - Indoor Plants

Indoor Winter Color with The Kalanchoe Plant

Late Winter for people who live in the north means grey skies and lots of snow.  It can be hard to find a colorful reminder that Spring is just around the corner.  In this post, I share the Kalanchoe – A plant that will add color to your winter day. At The Garden Center On

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organic gardening with kids

3 Fun Family Organic Gardening Recipes For Spring

Spring is the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air with family and friends. What better way to get healthy than to grow a garden with edibles you can enjoy. In this post, I will share 3 Fun Family Organic Gardening Tips and Recipes For Spring. Organic Gardening Video Find me on Youtube

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Full Sun in Late Spring Window Box

Spring Window Box Planting Ideas

One of my favorite Spring projects is putting together my window boxes on the back kitchen patio.  In this post I share my spring window box planting ideas that are easy to recreate and enjoy. Window Box in Spring Spring is finally here in my garden and I’m excited to get out and start planting

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queensland tulips

Queensland Tulips

The Queensland Tulips have got to be some of the most unique tulips I have ever seen.  Enjoy a few creative photos and some tulips growing tips on this post. About Queensland Tulips The Queensland Tulip has a double fringe with rose-red petals accent with light pink ruffles.  The edges on this tulip are serrated

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Dahlia Landscape

Planting Dahlias in Your Summer Landscape

The blooms on the Dinner Plate Dahlias can be intimidating at the garden centers; trust me! Every year I would admire them when I worked at a garden center thinking I could never grow that! In this post, I show how easy it is to grow these beautiful plants and how to overcome that fear.

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tucking color in the home garden

Tuck in Color in the Home Garden

In this post I share some fun ways to tuck color in the home garden. It’s Time To Garden Creatively It’s Garden Time!~ I’ve been out in the garden from sunrise to sunset and I’m feeling a little sore because I totally overdo it but overwhelmed with joy.  Gardening is a wonderful feeling and I

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First Poppies in My Home Garden

What is the most difficult plant you thought you never could grow?  For me it is the poppy. In today’s post I am sharing a few photos of the Poppies I am excited to grow in my home garden. Poppies I walked around the corner of one of my gardens this week and literally gasped…..

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Celebrate Spring with Flowering Crabapple Tree

Spent the morning out under the crabapple tree with my pup Olivia.  I had to take photos to share with you the experience.  The bees love the bloom and the wind was lightly blowing through filling the garden with an amazing floral scent.  This tree was on our property when we purchased it back in

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Black Diamond Garden Center

Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection

Black Diamond Garden Center is a favorite garden center of mine and I’ve visited it often after it first open in 2003 in Perrysburg, Ohio. Black Diamond Garden Center Spring Visit Photo Collection post will make you want to travel to NW Ohio to take a look for yourself. This post is part of my

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rosemary in container

Perennial Herbs in Your Home Garden

In this post I share some herbs that are perennial and PERFECT for almost any home garden.  Enjoy the images and my personal growing advice today. It’s Spring It’s Spring .. kind of sort of! It’s hard to identify with what is normal after the crazy winters we’ve had over the past few years.  Spring

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