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new rain barrel to save water for garden

Saving Water During Dry Spell with Rain Barrels

Are you looking for sustainable ways to water your garden? In this post, we discuss saving water during dry spells with rain barrels. During the summer months, it seems my area of NW Ohio keeps missing any substantial amount of rain.  Watching the rain develop around us according to Weather Channel radar and we miss

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tropical in container on porch

3 Hibiscus Plants : That Will Rock Your Home Garden

Some of the most stunning blooms in my home garden this week are coming from the Hibiscus Plants.  There are three different types of hibiscus in my garden and I’m going to share them with a growing tip for you today on this blog post. Perennial Hibiscus In the image below is my is perennial hibiscus

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Remembering the Ash Trees In My Northwest Ohio Garden

Do you remember Ash Trees?  In this post,  remembering the ash trees in my Northwest Ohio Garden featuring a video of the majestic trees. The Ash Trees When we first moved to the country we were captivated by the beautiful trees in the flood plain wooded property we own.  I am so thankful that we

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