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shipping successfully

Shipping Shrubs the Successful Way

In this post, I share with you a super successful shipment of shrubs. YES – it’s hard to believe these came by mail.  I’ll show you how with photos and video in this post. Shipping Shrubs the Successful Way! I had just got back from Walmart when the package arrived. Amazing to see the plants

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Vanilla Strawberry from Costco in my Landcape

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Landscape Tip from Home Owner

The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea just maybe my 2nd favorite Hydrangea for my home garden because it is LOW to NO maintenance, BEAUTIFUL color show all season long and a win-win for homeowners and growers. The photo above features the 3 shrubs added in 2017 that I purchased in late summer at Costco.  In this post, I share Vanilla Strawberry Landscape tips

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leaf blower

Powerful Gas Alternative Leaf Blower Review

It’s time to grab the rakes and power up the leaf blowers to do some weekend autumn chores.  In this post I will introduce you to the most powerful gas alternative leaf blower in a product review. What I Love Most The leaves are finally down on the large oak and ginkgo tree in my

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How to Make the Best of Fallen Autumn Leaves

Fall is the season of the fallen leaves. It also means that you need to consider how to take care of all the leaves that will normally end up from the branches of your trees on the ground. Sometimes there might be a lot of them, or you could end up with a limited amount

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Celebrate Spring with Flowering Crabapple Tree

Spent the morning out under the crabapple tree with my pup Olivia.  I had to take photos to share with you the experience.  The bees love the bloom and the wind was lightly blowing through filling the garden with an amazing floral scent.  This tree was on our property when we purchased it back in

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Climbing Hydrangea

My Climbing Hydrangea That Won’t Bloom

In this post I share some tips and tricks to get a climbing hydrangea to bloom.  Don’t forget to scroll down and see other recommended varieties to grow in your home garden. The new growth is super healthy Climbing Hydrangea In My Garden I need to find a photo of all this climbing hydrangea has

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moss and rocks

Ultimate Walkout Landscape feature in Cleveland Ohio

Hard to believe this was Ohio but indeed it is an amazing garden in Cleveland Ohio.  Ultimate Walkout Landscape Feature in Cleveland Ohio a private residential home. It is a state-of-the-art platform feature on Lake Erie. I will admit I was a little nervous but as soon as I stepped onto the walkout I had

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joe pye weed

Think Weed with Joe Pye In Your Garden

This is the first year in my landscape located behind the garage that the Joe Pye weed is larger than my Oakleaf hydrangea.  At first, I was totally bummed that my beloved hydrangea had to be cut all the way back to the ground after the hard winter. Once the Herbaceous perennial ( Joe Pye

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