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Notes from 2003

Notes From The Garden Landscape Discovered

Rain day today so I am working indoors.  I found an envelope with some hand written notes I took years ago.  In this video I share a quick vlog with notes from the garden. Notes From The Garden My biggest surprise today was the fact that I could actually read my handwriting.  No joke,  the

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Ember Wave Western Arborvitea | Late Summer

Ember Waves Western Arborvitae Review

This was my fifth year enjoying the amazing Ember Waves Western Arborvitae in my home garden. In this post I share a few images and video featuring this beautiful shrub at the end of summer.  I hope you scroll down and check out what I personally have to share about this shrub. Ember Waves Western

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long lasting blooms

Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush Review

In this post I share a video review of the Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush growing in my home garden.  Wait until you see the images featuring these giant lilac like blooms with a super fragrant scent.  Don’t miss growing tips and more for your easy to care for landscape. Grand Cascade Butterfly Bush Review It

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Beautiful LUSH landscape ideas

Garden walk Vlog Featuring August Driveway Landscape

In this post I share an update featuring a Garden Walk in August Driveway Landscape.  You will see vlog featuring select shrubs and perennials I personally recommend.  Be sure to scroll down below the video to see images and more tips! Garden Walk Vlog Featuring August Driveway Landscape Honestly, I can’t remember a more lush

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Colocasia (Elephant Ears) growing in my Garden

Elephant Ears Colocasia Growing in My Home Garden

In this post I share a few of my Elephant Ears (or Colocasia plant) growing in my home garden.  The video features what the plants look like in various conditions including growing in containers. Growing Elephant Ears (Colocasia) Video Join me as we check out a few gorgeous Elephant ears containers in the landscape.  This

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Kink Kitty in the Hydrangeas

Two Incredible Hydrangeas For Home Gardens

In this post you will find a video review featuring two of my incredible hydrangeas for home gardens.  Check out the Incrediball Hydrangea and the Invincibelle Spirit I’ve been growing in my home garden for over 10 years. Video and images featuring growing tips you won’t want to miss. Two Hydrangeas PERFECT For Home Gardens

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Phlox Along with Golden Cyprus Shrub

All About Phlox Blooms

In this post I answer a question someone recently submitted to my website.  Find out all about phlox blooms in this video share. All About Phlox Blooms in My Home Garden Video As you can tell, I love it when folks stop by my site and ask questions that relate to my site.  Recently, someone

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The New Location in June

Hydrangea Update After Late Summer Planting

Do you remember the first  2 Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Shrubs I have in my garden?  In this post I share the amazing transplant that took place last year.  In the video featuring Hydrangea Report After Brutal Move find out what happen. Hydrangea Report After Brutal Move Video I could not believe my eyes this past

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Blue Petunia and Spider Plant

Blue Petunia Blooms Pop

In this post I share a quick video featuring a few of my Blue Petunia Blooms that Pop at Night.  Check out the images and growing tips below. Petunia Pop in Night Landscape When the sunsets and the moon lights up the landscape (along with a few solar lights) a new garden look arrives.  In

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The Long Lasting Blooms

Spring Vlog with ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria and Hydrangea

Stop and Smell some SPOT ON Flowers! This weeks feature includes a  Spring Vlog originally from Instagram TV.  Check out the new ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria and a few other landscape ideas including Hydrangea. Be prepared…  There maybe a puppy and kitty sighting as well!  Spring Vlog with ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria Planting It is super easy

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candymint crabapple tree along driveway in spring

Candymint Crabapple Tree

scented blooms of the candymint crabapple tree In this post I share all about the Candymint Crabapple Tree that has been growing in my landscape since 2016.  Check out my latest video and images featuring why I personally recommend this tree. Candymint Crabapple In Sprint Video This just maybe my all time favorite tree… at

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