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Blooming Senetti Spotted at Meijers

The Cool Season Plant Named Senetti Pericallis

In this post I share the Senetti pericallis I am currently growing in my home garden.  I share a video featuring a cool season hanging basket design and growing tips about the plant.  Creative Hanging Basket with Cool Season Senetti Plants In this video I share how I am using the Senetti plant in a

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Seed Starter Supplies for 2022

Growing Pepper Plants From Seed Indoors

In this post I share my favorite products for the new year growing pepper plants from seed indoors.  Check out the video featuring step by step how to and my personal tips. There are photos of products I highly recommend that will save you time and money. Growing Pepper Plants  From Seed Indoors Video This

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AeroGarden Dome Replacement

Hydroponic AeroGarden Dome Lid Q&A

It’s Q&A time on my website.  A reader recently sent me a question concerning the AeroGarden set up I am currently using in my home.  Although I am not an ‘expert’ when it comes to growing hydroponics, I do appreciate what this product has taught me.  In this post you will find the latest question

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year-round kitchen indoor gardening set up

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update

In this post I share a quick indoor kitchen garden update.  You will see first hand how I have my gardening products set up in video.  Check out my latest tips and tricks for growing indoors successfully. Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update Video I had so much fun making this video!  It is super fun sharing

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top of wok simplesalad mix

How to Grow a Simple Salad Indoors

In this post featuring a video on how I grow a simple salad indoors.  A list of basic supplies and seeds you will need are in this article. How To Grow a Simple Salad Indoors Video Over the winter I’ve been experimenting with different edibles you can grow indoors.  In the video below I show

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Growing Under Lights

Growing Under Lights

In today’s share on my site is a short video featuring edibles growing under lights in my home.  Check out the short video and a warming image from my home garden. Growing Under Lights Video I really enjoy the short video ( or Shorts as they say on YouTube).  Encouraging users to share short videos that

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Super fun growing coffee trees

About Coffea Arabica Plant

Coffea arabica or better known as the Arabian Coffee Plant.  Who would have guessed I’d find such a unique plant at Aldi while grocery shopping?  Well actually, I am not because Aldi has some great finds.  In this post, I am sure with you my experience growing the Coffee Plant. About My Coffea Arabica Plant

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Goldfish or Koi

Introducing the NEW Goldfish to the Winter Koi Pond

In today’s post, I share my latest video featuring the new fish I added to my small greenhouse pond.  Check out the video featuring how to Acclimate the new fish to your pond.  The video also shows how to tell a Koi from a Goldfish. Introducing The New Fish In the small pond I have in

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bulbs indoors - paperwhites

Everything You Need To know About Forcing Bulbs Indoors

With a little planning and the right ingredients, you can bring spring to life early indoors. In this post learn how you can brighten up the indoors by forcing bulbs indoors. Forcing Bulbs Indoors Video In the dome today check out how things are doing the first days of below-freezing temperatures outdoors. Everything is dying back

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collection of recycles to use in seed starting

My Favorite Recyclables For Seed Starting

Today I am going to share with you some of my favorite recyclables  to start a  garden by sowing seeds.  You will find images of my favorite recyclables I use to sow seeds. I hope you get a few ideas on just how easy it really is to grow an edible and flower garden. Recyclables

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