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Cherry Explosion Hydrangea Bloom

Cherry Explosion Hydrangea Review

This is one of the cutest little shrubs I grow in my home garden.  The 2 feet tall plant surprises me each summer with a few large cherry blooms.  In this blog post I share my thoughts on the ‘Cherry Explosion Hydrangea’. Cherry Explosion Hydrangea Review I can’t believe it has been growing in my

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Kink Kitty in the Hydrangeas

Two Incredible Hydrangeas For Home Gardens

In this post you will find a video review featuring two of my incredible hydrangeas for home gardens.  Check out the Incrediball Hydrangea and the Invincibelle Spirit I’ve been growing in my home garden for over 10 years. Video and images featuring growing tips you won’t want to miss. Two Hydrangeas PERFECT For Home Gardens

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The New Location in June

Hydrangea Update After Late Summer Planting

Do you remember the first  2 Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Shrubs I have in my garden?  In this post I share the amazing transplant that took place last year.  In the video featuring Hydrangea Report After Brutal Move find out what happen. Hydrangea Report After Brutal Move Video I could not believe my eyes this past

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The Long Lasting Blooms

Spring Vlog with ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria and Hydrangea

Stop and Smell some SPOT ON Flowers! This weeks feature includes a  Spring Vlog originally from Instagram TV.  Check out the new ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria and a few other landscape ideas including Hydrangea. Be prepared…  There maybe a puppy and kitty sighting as well!  Spring Vlog with ‘Spot On’ Pulmonaria Planting It is super easy

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Make Your Own Dried Hydrangea Arrangement

In this post, I share a quick video featuring tips on how to make your own dried hydrangea arrangement.  Be sure to scroll down to check out the video and ask questions section on this post. Make Your Own Dried Hydrangea Arrangement This is a quick video featuring how easy it is to create your

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vanilla strawberry hydrangea in the landscape

Mid-September Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

In this post, I want to share a short post featuring a video that is part of my Mid-September Playlist.  Check out the blooms on this Mid-September Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea. Mid-September Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Video It has been a crazy summer in my home and garden.  Little watering, weeding, and just being downright lazy with

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Pink Wreath with Dried Hydrangeas

How to Dry and Preserver Hydrangea Flowers

One of the most beautiful blooms commonly found in home gardens is from the Hydrangea shrub. In today’s post learn how to dry and preserve the hydrangea flowers. How to Dry and Preserve Hydrangea Flowers In the video below I share how to dry and preserver hydrangea flowers. You can grow these flowers easily in

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Vanilla Strawberry from Costco in my Landcape

Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Landscape Tip from Home Owner

The Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea just maybe my 2nd favorite Hydrangea for my home garden because it is LOW to NO maintenance, BEAUTIFUL color show all season long and a win-win for homeowners and growers. The photo above features the 3 shrubs added in 2017 that I purchased in late summer at Costco.  In this post, I share Vanilla Strawberry Landscape tips

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