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Daisy Style Mum

How to Grow and Care for Fall Mums

In this post I share some of my personal tips on how to grow and care for Fall mums.  You will see my latest video about hardy mums also known as Chrysanthemums. Mums During the Autumn season you will find many different varieties of mums (Chrysanthemums).  During a recent visit to a local garden center

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Geodesic Bio Dome in December

Geodesic Bio Dome December Update

In this post I share my Geodesic Bio Dome December Update.  Video and images from todays experience in the dome are featured here. Geodesic Bio Dome December Update Video This video is part of my Geodesic Bio Dome experience.  I document this information on my website under dome categories. This video is also part of

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November 2021 in the Dome Greenhouse

Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog

There is so much going on in the dome and outside in the gardens that it’s nice to just stream live.  Be sure to check out Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog! Dome Update | November Mandeville, Kumquats, Banana Trees Vlog It is hard to believe the dome has been growing year-round

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Japanese Anemone Pink Bloom

Japanese Anemone Windflower

In this post I share the pollinator friendly and super easy to grow Japanese Anemone.   You will find a video, images and of course my thoughts on this perennial. Japanese Anemone Windflower Video The video on this post and image share are long anticipated. I am finally taking this off my list to write about

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Naughty little Invaders

Autumn Armyworm Attack My Lawn

Did you know your lawn maybe turning brown because the armyworm has invaded?  In this post you will find a photo of what the critter looks like and a video feature.  Don’t miss resource links below as well. Armyworm Attack My Lawn Video Armyworms are semi-tropical species that are known for destroying and discoloring turfgrass.

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Petchoa for Autumn Color

Petchoa Plant Are Perfect for Autumn Containers

In this post I share the new hanging baskets I put together using a plant called Petchoa.  You will see video along with a few unique growing tips below. Petchoa Plant in Autumn Hanging Baskets The petchoa plant in this basket is really making my front porch POP during the change of season.  I recently

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Last of the Berries on the Candymint Crabapple Tree

Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape

I just put together a video featuring the last of the Autumn color in my landscape.  This features my shade garden, shrubs, and many trees that I recommend.  Be sure to check out the highlights in this blog post. Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape The video features the best of color

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heart micogreens in autumn

Microgreen in My Autumn Garden

Today we are in the kitchen garden outside of the sunroom of my home.  This area faces the north so it doesn’t get a lot of sun.  I decided to do a video featuring the microgreens I am growing this Autumn. In this post, I share a video featuring tips on how to grow Microgreens

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purple orange and yellow autumn flowers

3 Colorful Autumn Plants For a Splash of Color

In this post, I share 3 colorful Autumn plants that will add a splash of color to your home garden.  You will find images, plant description,s and video below. 3 Colorful Autumn Plants For A Splash of Color   These 3 plants are adding a splash of color to my autumn garden instantly.  Impressive how

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ceratostigma plumbaginoides

Ground Cover for Seasonal Color : Plumbago

Discover a productive yet colorful ground cover for the landscape in this post today. A versatile Ground Cover for Seasonal Color: Plumbago growing in my home garden. The Plumbago In My Autumn Garden I am excited to share these photos with you from my landscape right outside the mudroom door.  Need I mention this area

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Snow Begins

Creative Living V-log Featuring First Snow

The snow sure is pretty even if it is mid-Autumn.  In today’s share check out my v-log featuring the first snow in my garden. First Snow 2019 V-Log I had to check the records on Weather.org to see if today’s snowfall was a record-breaker.  It appears we had snow in my area in October 1989. 

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