Gardening With Chickens Book Review

Book Review
  • Gardening with Chickens - Plans and Plants for You and Your Hens


Every time I sign in on Facebook and see a creative share by Author Lisa Steele I just want to jump in my SUV and head to the nearest Tractor Supply store to get a hobbyist coop for my garden. When I received a copy of Lisa Steele’s latest book ‘Gardening with Chickens’ to review I couldn’t wait to have my 4 year old niece over to review the book with me. My ‘little helper’ loves the first two books by Lisa Steele so I knew she’d be excited to flip through this new publication. NEVER DISAPPOINTING… the information in the book is totally practical and illustrated well for anyone wanting to grow a garden naturally with chickens. The book makes it hard to imagine a garden without chickens! My favorite part in the book…. WOW! Trying to pick my favorite chapter would be like picking my favorite ‘hen’. I do see hens in my future and I want to thank Author Lisa Steele for making that decision so much easier. This book is a must have for ANYONE…. because with all the new products and information available for home owners today (including this book) it is easy to grow a garden with chickens successfully. GET the book … flip through it … read it and I guarantee you will own your own chickens for your garden next spring! I shared a clip below of a few of my favorite pages in the book!

Gardening and Chickens

As I work in the garden I often wonder how chickens would treat the landscape.  After reading Lisa Steele’s new book ‘Gardening With Chickens : Plans and Plants for You and Your Hens’ I’m looking forward to sharing my garden with feathered friends.

Flip Through The Book Review

I love everything about this book including the 8’x10′ size! This book has creative images and graphics that make you feel like you are in the garden with the hens.


Meet The Chicken Lady

This gal knows her poultry!  Check out the podcast I did with Lisa Steele early in Autumn 2016.


Readers interested in a copy of their own can order on Amazon at ‘Gardening with Chickens – plans and plants for You and Your Hens‘ by Lisa Steele.

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