Thanksgiving Recipes from Gardeners on GardenChat

Twitter Thanksgiving Recipes From Gardeners

Autumn is coming to an end and it is time to prepare the harvest to feast on with family and friends.  Garden enthusiasts from around the globe join the conversation on Twitter GardenChat to share. Join the Twitter conversation today on #gardenchat discussion Thanksgiving Recipes From The gardeners on Twitter GardenChat.

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Click on over to #gardenchat Twitter where you will find all the growing fun.  The official live event starts at 9 p.m. ET time every Monday.  You don’t have to be a Twitter user to join the conversation.  Comment on this post and check out Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for more Chat Fun!

Bren’s LIVE Stream Invite

GardenChat Twitter Questions

Starting at 9:15 P.M. ET each Monday the questions are start to pop up on #gardenchat with host @BrenHaas and @thegardenchat . Below is the list of questions that take you to the event on Twitter.

Question 1: What is your favorite thing to grow during the summer season to use in a recipe at Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 2: Do you grow herbs to use in your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 3: Have you ever grown a pumpkin or squash for pie? #gardenchat

Question 4: Is there a harvest you get from the farmers market to preserver for Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 5: What is your favorite recipe to enjoy at Thanksgiving?  (even if you don’t grow it!) #gardenchat

Question 6: Do you have favorite beverage to enjoy on Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 7: Dessert time –  what do you enjoy to eat on Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 8: Is there a recipe you can share that has been in your family for years? #gardenchat

Question 9;  What do you love most as a left over the days after Thanksgiving? #gardenchat

Question 10: Have you shared any of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes on your website or blog? #gardenchat

Thanksgiving recipes Question for Twitter gardenChat

If you are not on Twitter you can answer the questions by commenting below on this post.

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