Seed Planning for 2013 on #gardenchat

This Is My seedkeeper organizer Flled With Year-Round Growing!

Seed planning 2013 for me is what I’m growing in the greenhouse January until it is time to start the seeds for the garden outdoors.  I’m always thinking seeds no mater what time of year it maybe.  I love the packages they come in and I love the future they hold inside!

@ReneesGarden in my greenhouse this January

One of my favorite things to grow since putting in my raised bed gardens is the beautiful rainbow chard.  I just love the beautiful color it puts on all summer along that I had to try it in a large container in my greenhouse.  After being successful at growing this in a 50*f / medium light winter I’m hooked.  You will find a container of chard growing in my greenhouse almost year-round. I would have never thought of growing chard if it weren’t for the beautiful color of the rainbow chard that can used as a border in landscapes.

Spice Up Your Garden 2013 with Cilantro

Every autumn I start a container of cilantro in my greenhouse.  The crazy thing is that this herb grows better in my Ohio greenhouse then it does in my hot summer garden outdoors.   Not sure what that is but I’m not going to argue as long as it keeps on growing and providing a wonderful herb flavor for my southwest dishes.

Nausturtium Seed

This bloom is a wonderful surprise anytime of the year and also adds a wonderful flavor of color to spring ( or year-round) salads.  I have had great success growing this plant in my greenhouse.  I have a few containers of hibiscus indoors that I may try sticking a few of these seeds in to see what will happen.   I will keep you posted but keep in mind this seed is totally a must for any garden!

Botanical Interests – Beets

I’m looking forward to trying these in a container for the first time in my greenhouse.  This veggie grows so well in cold early March and April weather so I’m sure it will love my warm and cozy greenhouse.

Lemon Cucumber

Have you ever grown a lemon cucumber?  It is super fun to have these growing in the veggie garden each summer and not to mention the sweet flavor when harvest time arrives.  It is hard to find this heirloom favorite seed in my local stores so when I see them I stock up on packages for years to come.  As long as you keep them stored properly the seed can easily last up to 5 years.  This is what I love about my seed keeper kit – it helps me keep organized as well protect my seeds from elements that could damage them.

Black Zebra

One of my favorite tomatoes is this heirloom variety of tomato.  I first had the black zebra growing in my garden after receiving them from an online garden friend.  This is an amazing rich  and hearty tomato that loves to grow in the heat of the summer providing a ‘not so traditional’ black fruit.  Don’t be afraid to try something different like this dark tomato.  You will end up addicted to growing them each year like me!

Okra in Ohio

This is my okra pack of seeds that I forget to plant this year and I totally don’t regret it.  We had a crazy growing year this past summer and I’m sure this veggie wouldn’t have been very happy.  The okra likes plenty of HOT days to put on some height and start producing some veggies.  I’m looking forward to taking photos of this variety next summer in my garden.

You Can Eat Sunflower Sprouts?

I’m looking forward to trying these sprouts indoors this January after being gifted them at the GWA12 event last month from @botanicalinsterests .  I can’t wait to try these sunflower sprouts for the first time.  Do you think they will taste like sunflower seeds?  You will have to check back on my blog in January when I share their progress.

Join in tomorrow on #gardenchat the Twitter chat forum when Carol and Kerrie of are guest hosting a fun event sharing all about seed planting 2013.  These gals will inspire you to get in the garden anytime of year with their high spirits and growing easy tips.  They are also giving away some amazing products that will help you grow seeds easier so be sure to follow @seedkeeperco on Twitter to find out more.

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