Park In Brazil : Houseplants, Cats and Mystery Bloom

Photo Collection from Park in Southern Brazil

When we first arrived in Brazil last June after a direct flight from Detroit Metro Airport my husband and I were totally unglued and woozybut not wanting to just hang out at our hotel we decided to adventure out.  The primary language in Brazil is Portuguese so we felt a bit disoriented but thankful for the few who did know English in our hotel. We took a short cab ride up to a city park in Sao Paulo. During this walk in the park I couldn’t help but notice all the houseplants that appear to be  growing as if they were weeds along the edge of the road and pathways.  Did I mention all the cats that roomed free in the city park?  We visited during Brazil’s winter and yet everything was super green. Unlike the winters in North America in my garden zone 5b. It was fun to walk and see the people living and enjoying the outdoors in South America.

Click on each image to enlarge and read more about my adventure in this South American Park

Mystery Bloom

Not sure what this bloom is but the seed looks like that of a Lantana. If you know your South American plants please share with me what this might be!


I’m looking forward to sharing more image from my seven day trip to Sao Paulo Brazil with you including the garden centers we visited so please be sure to subscribe to my blog for updates.

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