Labor Of Love

A Favorite Seed I can depend on each year … the sunflower!

Gardening isn’t always easy … but it is truly a labor of love.  This summer left many gardeners feeling frustrated and looking forward to Autumn according to many comments I’ve seen on the social networks.  I will admit during the drought days we had when I kept watching the rain on radar disappear as they entered my county I was thinking I would lose everything in my garden, containers and new landscape areas.   Once I came to the realization  that I did what I could and I gave it my best the drought didn’t seem so bad.

The cucumber plants have all died back off the trellis for the summer so the cardinal climber has room to take over until the first heavy frost.

The rain has finally arrived in my garden with just enough to help the grass turn green and the weeds grow taller in the veggie garden.  I really believe we are going to have a September full of harvest so I refuse to give up on my garden due to the weather.

Zinnias , Sunflowers and Cosmos in the veggie and cut flower garden.

The past few weeks we’ve been pulling baskets of peppers, tomatoes, egg plant and many bouquets of flowers.   I love to grow zinnia, cosmos, and sunflower from seed each year to use in my home as well as give to friends who we meet up with in the summer months.   If you are careful to get the dead blooms off and don’t let the plants get to dry on the zinnias they will continue to bloom all the way until the first heavy frost.

I’m loving the flavor and the art of this tomato –  I believe it is a Mr. Stripy

Plenty of heirloom tomatoes and eggplant for grilling are being harvested even with the drought conditions. I will admit that I used a soaker hose in my 40’x60′ veggie and cut flower garden during those ‘dawg’ days of summer.   These Corona Tools : Veggie and Fruit Clippers in the image above are making  it easy to keep healthy plants growing strong.  Always be sure to clip off the eggplant so you don’t damage the plant. Nothing better then slicing up an fresh eggplant and adding it to a steamer with garlic on the grill!

I want to share with you images from my Veggie and Cut Flower Garden featured in the slide show below.  If you can’t view the slide show please click over to my Picasa Gallery.


I’ve also shared a quick video with you from my garden ……

Quick Video Sharing The Harvest on Labor Day Weekend

I hope you had a fabulous Labor Day and were able to enjoy some of the fruits ( and veggies) from your labor in the garden!

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