Chihuly Chillin’ in Toledo

Toledo Museum of Art

Numerous Saturday mornings as a child I would spend at the Toledo Art Museum attending music and art classes.  It was a given I would go to College and spend time in the Fine Art’s Department of this Ohio landmark.  Today I had a wonderful time with my gardening pal Monica and a couple of her fellow Michigan garden friends at this world renown  museum attending the visiting Manet Exhibit.  At the end of our self guided tour we  found ourselves over in the Art Pavilion.   During most of our walk about I was in search of some Christmas spirit so I was totally excited to find a giant Chihuly sculpture that filled me with holiday cheer!

It remind me of a giant icicle!

Monica – I know, Right?!  I was in AWE as well!

This piece by Chihuly is composed of 243 colorless lead glass elements, blown, tooled, cut, ground and polished; assembled on steel armature, painted white; steel cable suspension.  Can you imaging being on the crew that assemblies this sculpture? I get a chill just thinking about accidentally dropping one of the pieces.

About the Chihuly: Campiello del Remer Chandelier # 2

Glass Blowing Demonstrations

Glass Blowing Demonstrations

In the Glass Pavilion that opened in Toledo in 2006 you can watch as local artist demonstrate how basic pieces are made.  After watching these young artist today I have a whole new respect for pieces of glass art work I see at garden shows.

Young Artist Demonstrates How Color is Added To Piece

Cutting The Glass Piece During Demo at TMA

The Bottom of the Piece is Prepared by Fellow Artist

Large Screens in the Demonstration Studio Gave a Detailed Description

It Took 2 Artist to Blow The Glass Piece

The piece that was being created at this 1 p.m. demonstration went to the ‘glass gods’ as the artist put it.  Apparently, the lovely bowl the created wasn’t what had in mind to make so they dropped it in a pail of water that immediately destroyed it! One can only imagine what Chihuly went through making his large scale pieces like the one featured at the top of my blog post today.

Please be sure to check out the Toledo Museum of Art Website for more information about their Glass Design program and exhibits located in Toledo, Ohio.

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