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After #Blogchat Twitter forum event on Sunday I was moved to do a shout out to the free blogging services at WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr.  The topic for this Sunday Night was disusing if your blog content  is TOO Promotional.  This topic got me thinking about how many people who had wonderful things they could be sharing who don’t even have a blog.  In this blog post I want to share a few points about the free blogging services at Blogger, WordPress and Tumblr.

Let’s face it, sometimes you need to express yourself in more then 140 characters. It has been a never ending debate for me trying to figure out which account I’m going to be dedicated to  during my 5 year career as a blogger.   One of my first blog post after starting a WordPress account 2 years ago was titled Blogger V.S. WordPress   Shortly after posting this on my new WordPress account it was interesting to see what fellow bloggers had to say about the subject when I shared the link on Facebook and Twitter.  About 2 years ago a friend from P.Allen Smiths P.R. group introduced me to Tumblr which I use daily because it allows me to expand my thoughts on the images I share using the social site Instagram.  That’s right – I’m a bloggin’ social junky and I want to share with you a few tips on which service you should start sharing on.

My Website is Created Using Adobe / Dreamweaver

If you don’t have the time to spend trying to learn code to create your own website there are plenty of free services available.  These free sites are easy to navigate and take care of all the ‘code’ work for you which allows you more time to create content.  Blogger and WordPress offer easy setup with many different layout options.


Easy doesn’t always mean problem free with both of these services and I found that  Blogger was able to help me with issues with their forums interfaced to the site.  Blogger is so simple to set up I think it was designed to get everyone blogging.  Word press is a powerful tool  offering maybe too many options that can be confusing to a beginner.  WordPress setup issues usually are resolved after a  call to my domain provider with questions which can be some what of a hassle.   I’m happy to report that once you have decided on a template and have the blog set up on both WordPress and Blogger it is usually smooth sailing until a WordPress update arrives!

My First Blog Hosted on Blogger

Why do I keep my Blogger account active when I do most of my blogging on WordPress and Tumblr?  My first blog will always be special so it is nice to know I can go back and visit and also know that if others visit they can click on my social links to find my current shares.

If you are looking for a challenge with more options to express your creativity then WordPress is where you want to start sharing!


I share at least 3 times Each Day on Tumblr

Tumblr setup is simple: You only need an email address, password and username. However, considering there are 57.5 million blogs on Tumblr, it’s possible that you won’t get your first choice of username.  I share at least 4 times a day on Tumblr because it is attached to my Instagram Social Networking . This sites encourage shorter entries of only a few sentences rather than a few paragraphs which is what I’m all about.  I’m big on sharing images all day long and having Instagram attached to my Tumbrl account allows me to elaborate on the image.  Follow me on Tumblr at BGgarden/ Mobile Upload Gallery.

Be sure to follow the sites on Twitter for the latest information : @WordPress  @Blogger and @Tumblr


What  Blogging Site do you use?

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