Garden Tower 2: 50-Plant Composting Container Garden

garden tower 2

Is it possible to grow 50 plants and maintain a compost bin in just 4 square feet of space? This product made in the USA maybe the solution to growing a large harvest in any small space garden.  In this post we will check out the Garden Tower 2 and review the possibilities.

The Garden Tower 2

small-space-gardeningCan you imagine how much space 50 plants would take up in a traditional garden? Garden Tower 2  is perfect for those who have limited space, or the gardener who is looking to add something new and unique to their garden.

The Garden Tower 2 has an easy access compost column that is located through the middle of the growing unit. This column allows for quick and easy loading of kitchen scraps. All the gardener has to do is add compost and some red wiggler worms to the column and nature does the rest. The worms will work to decompose the compost and create nutrient rich soil for your plants to grow in.

Unlike other vertical gardening structures, the Garden Tower 2 has large pockets that allow for easy planing of both seeds and seedlings. These large pockets give you more room to work in and give your plants more room to grow.

Garden Tower 2 also has special bearing tracks at the bottom that allow for 360 degree rotation! This feature makes it easy for the gardener who has limited space. You can even rotate the tower occasionally so all the plants can receive sunlight access! It’s also great for the elderly and physically disabled. In fact, many nursing homes and retirement communities have purchased a Garden Tower 2 for their residents to enjoy! The 360 degree rotation makes for easy access to all of the plants in the tower. Additionally, one can even tend to their Garden Tower while seated. No more bending down and putting strain on your back to keep your garden looking beautiful.

No need to worry about strong winds because the Garden Tower 2 has wide stance legs. These legs are specially engineered  to hold your tower in place.  The Garden Tower 2  can be attached to any flat surface, such as a rooftop garden or deck. The  specially designed feet are tough and heavy to provide your tower with the support it needs.

Growing and Composting

This awesome Garden Tower also has a large open top layer. Not only does this open top allow for more room for the plants you choose to place on the top tier, but it also allows water to have easy access to all the plants in the tower! Water enters the wide, open top tier of the tower and gravity does the rest of the work. Water is filtered down through the nutrient rich soil to all the levels of your Garden Tower. The tower is also designed to have a low evaporation rate, allowing your plants to have constant access to nutrient rich water.

Now you can be 100% green in your garden with the Garden Tower 2. This tower features a pull gate at the bottom of the tower. The compost created from the addition of kitchen scraps and red wiggler worms to the compost column is deposited into this drawer. Simply pull out the drawer and collect the compost. You can then add this compost directly into the center compost column. Directly beneath the pull gate drawer for the compost is another drawer! This drawer collects all the water that has entered the tower. This water is considered a “nutrient tea” since it has seeped through the soil, compost and worm castings. You can remove this drawer and add the nutrient tea directly to the top of the tower. Talk about an eco-friendly system! Nothing goes to waste with the Garden Tower 2.

How to Put the Garden Tower Together

In the video below Amy of Garden Tower shows how easy it is to put this garden together.

Find this video on my garden product review YouTube page.

Conserving Water

Garden Tower Project allows you to take the conservation of water to the next level. Not only does the Garden Tower 2 have the pull out drawer for collecting “nutrient tea” like mentioned above, using-garden-tower-projectbut they also sell a Premium 50 Gallon Rain Barrel Kit! This rain barrel is made from recycled materials (previously used food grade drums), and nothing else! The rain barrel allows gardens the option of diverting access water flow into a rain garden, nearby pond, or even a flower bed! You can even use the Rain Barrel to water your Garden Tower 2! Talk about a self sufficient system! You can even purchase two Rain Barrels and connect them together to double your water capacity. The Rain Barrel features an overflow valve, plastic mesh screen, brass spigot, downspout adapter, easy twist top lid, and a waterproof caulked seal! If you’d like, you can even check out their Catch-A-Raindrop system. This fancy set up allows you to collect water from your gutter directly into your Rain Barrel. Additionally, the Rain Barrel is a great education system for children to learn about the importance of saving Earth’s most precious resource! Reduce your family’s carbon footprint while teaching your kids something they won’t learn in the classroom!

Here’s an added bonus: Plants in the tower grow faster than your regular garden. How, you ask? This is because the structure of the Garden Tower 2 creates a micro-climate for the plants to thrive in. This provides additional protection for all of your plants! It also helps that the plants have constant access to nutrient rich water and soil. All this gives your plants the little extra boost they need to grow healthy and strong.

Not only will plants grow faster in the Garden Tower 2, but they will also experience an increased growing season! This is because the tower provides heat storage and insulation, therefore retaining heat when colder temperatures come around. You don’t have to worry about the ground freezing with the Garden Tower 2!

Remember how we talked about that nutrient rich soil and nutrient tea?! Well this is all done with the help of our friend, the red wiggler. The red wiggler is a worm that is added to the compost column in the tower in addition to the kitchen scraps. Worms move freely about the tower and through holes in the compost column. As they do so, the worms decompose the kitchen scraps to create compost and nutrient rich soil for your plants to grow in. Worm poo, aka worm castings, provide the necessary nutrients for you plants to thrive to their full potential. Not only do the worms provide microbial and nutrients via their castings, but they also provide a ton of other benefits! For one, they help aerate and maintain soil activity as they move about the tower. They also help prevent the build up of old root matter in the root zone. Who would have thought that these little red wigglers could be such a big help to keeping your soil fresh and your plants happy and healthy?!

When you use commercially available potting soil in your tower, it is virtually weed free! This potting soil is sterilized to prevent the spread of weeds and plant borne diseases. Just another reason why the Garden Tower 2 is easy to use!

The Garden Tower 2 is also designed to have no clogs. When you are changing out plants or soil, the contents are removed easily. The worms help keep the soil fresh and the root zone free of old root matter that clogs up the soil.

This eco-friendly Garden Tower is made from 100% recycled food-grade plastic produced from virgin food-grade high density, high quality polyethylene high quality polypropylene plastics & HDPE. This plastic is safe for the environment and has the added benefit of being made from recycled material. No BPA, no plasticizers, no PVC or no phthalates! This tower is made with only food-grade dye. It’s also antioxidant for long-term UV protection, giving the tower a minimum 7 year lifespan, even in harsh climates. Feel good about your garden and our planet!

Kids LOVE the Garden Tower 2. Imagine a school garden, where children can learn about ecosystems, gardening, sustainability and recycling! Talk about a great hands on science education! Kids love getting messy with the Garden Tower and seeing their hard work pay off with beautiful plants and even veggies they can eat!

Garden Tower 2 features nesting planting rings that are stack-able. You can customize your tower’s height with these rings! Since the tower comes apart, shipping cost have also been reduced! It’s also allows for greater mobility!

As one last added bonus, the Garden Tower 2 is made 100% in the U.S.A!

Garden Tower 2 Gallery of Images

Here’s some amazing examples of the Garden Tower 2 actually being used:

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