Garden Shows on GardenChat Twitter

Garden Shows on GardenChat Twitter

Late Winter into Early Spring is the time when garden shows begin across the country. This Twitter event is all about Garden Shows so invite your friends to join us at the event online.

You’re Invited

Not only those who are Twitter users are invited to join the conversation.  Anyone can click on the tweet link below to invite your friends who might be interested in finding out more about garden shows.

Q & A Time

At 9:15 pm ET shape the live tweets began and you are invited to share by replying to the questions below as shared by the host of the show @BrenHaas.  The questions will be shared every 5 minutes starting at 9:15 p.m. ET during the scheduled time.  Feel free to copy and share the infographic featuring the event questions below.

 Questions for the event

The Recap on Twitter

After the scheduled event you can participate in the conversation by clicking on the images below to answer the questions.  Click on the Image below to be directed to the conversation on Twitter.  IF you are a Twitter user you can reply and be a part of the conversation or you can just read what others shared on the subject.

Question 1: Have you ever attended a garden or home show? #gardenchat 

Question 2: Do you have a favorite home or garden show? Where does it take place? #gardenchat 

Question 3: What do you enjoy most about garden shows? #gardenchat 

Question 4: Have you ever attended a workshop or seminar talk at a garden show? Which One? #gardenchat 

Question 5: Does the garden show you attend have shopping or marketplace? #gardenchat 

Question 6: What do you love most about garden shows? #gardenchat

Question 7: Do you follow your favorite garden show on social media? If so share the network and the URL so we can follow. #gardenchat 

Question 8: Does your garden show have food / beverages available? #gardenchat 

Question 9: What show do ou dream of attending? #gardenchat 

Question 10 : share with us your URL to your website or blog so we can follow you! #gardenchat 

Let’s Connect

Learning from one another is super fun on #gardenchat Twitter. Questions and comments about the event can be posted below. I hope to connect soon with you.

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