Garden Photographers Share Holiday Photo Tips

Taking photos during the Holiday season can be a gift that last forever.  What better way to be able to capture and save those precious memories to be cherished long after the snow has melted.   I’m sure we could all use a few tips on taking  photos this time of year and that is why I asked  two of my favorite garden photographers to share some tips and techniques on how to capture the Holidays tonight on #gardenchat / Twitter.

Laura Mathews of Punk Rock Gardens

I had the privilege of meeting Laura at the GWA in Dallas this past summer.  It was a delight to finally meet the artist behind the garden photography shares at her site Punk Rock Gardens. I’m also a fan of her shares from the Philadelphia Flower & Garden Show last spring.   Her slide show from the event was super cool and totally inspired me for gardening 2010!  I wish I had more time at the Dallas event to talk to Laura but I was on assignment but I hope our paths will cross in 2011.

Photo Shares & Tips from Laura :

Laura Shares : ” While it’s tempting to ask your family to smile for the camera at the holidays,  often images that are made while your family is unaware of the presence of the camera offer the most insight into their personalities.

Carefully watch your family through the lens and wait until they let their guard down to photograph them.  The images will bring to mind your family as they truly are and stand the test of time.

Encourage your kids to ignore the camera as they open their gifts or play during downtimes at the holiday.   Look for emotion or expression.  Emotion filled or humor filled images will transport you back in the moment the image was taken each time you look at it.”


Thank you for taking the time to share with me and the garden network at #gardenchat Laura!  I would like to encourage you all to click over to her facebook page or her garden blog at Punk Rock Garden.

Stevie Rose of Garden Therapy

Another favorite garden photographer of mine is Stevie over at Garden Therapy. I not only enjoy your witty tweets on twitter I’ve been enjoying her captures of the season this past month from her website.

Photo Shares &  Tips  From Stevie :

Stevje Sbares : “Garden and holiday greenery photos:
TIP: If there is limited natural light available to take shots in the garden, of front door wreaths or potted greenery, use a tripod and a longer exposure setting to simulate more light.  In a pinch, you could use a fully automatic point and shoot camera and adjust the light settings in a photo editing program.


TIP: The camera tends to underexpose snow or other white objects making it look grey.  To fool the camera, move in and expose on a non-white image and then pull back to your original frame to take the picture.

Christmas lights:
TIP:  Don’t use a flash when taking night photos, a flash only lights up only a few feet to a few meter in fro
nt of you.  Once again use a tripod or steady your arms by leaning up on a tree or fence before taking your shot.  If you don ‘t have a steady hand, you may still get an interesting photo as some blur can make for a cool effect.  Try exaggerating this by moving the camera in a semi-circle or a line when taking the shot.”

Thank you for taking the time to share with me and the garden network at #gardenchat Stevie!  I would like to encourage you all to click over to her facebook page or her garden blog at Garden Therapy.

Find out more about #gardenchat by clicking the link above.  I will post a transcript from tonight’s event if you are unable to attend on the site linked above.   If you have any suggestions for future topic at the #gardenchat I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment or join us on facebook.

Thanks again Laura and Stevie for sharing your talent with us on the Garden Nework at #gardenchat / Twitter!

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