My Garden Pal on #WoofWednesday

My Pup Olivia – Helping Me in The New Rose Garden

My Australian Shepard  Olivia just loves to join me in the garden.   I mention ‘golf cart’ and she runs to the barn to load up mulch with me!   Today she helps me measure my new rose bed on this live stream I did on Ustream earlier today.

Live Streaming to Share My Garden – The New Rose Bed

So much for keeping this Wednesday wordless ….. I’m totally excited about the new shrubs I just planted in this garden shared in the video above. If you can’t see this video visit my YouTube site at this LINK.  Check out the Coppertina by Proven Winners. Summer 2012 will totally be the summer of roses for me. Hard to believe I’ve planted over a dozen now in my Ohio garden and I’m not even a ‘horty’ kind of person. I just want to grow and love my yard and the new varieties of roses along with social media is allowing me to grow roses.

Here are some of my shares from #instagram today while sharing my garden project.  IF you are on Instagram be sure to look me up some I can ‘thumbs up’ some of your images.

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