#rosechat on Healthy Roses Year-Round

Back in early Spring I  tweeted a S.O.S. out to my gardening friends on #gardenchat.  It was  no surprise that I was connect to at least a dozen garden enthusiast all eager to help with advice or at least rally the troops for more information.  Once the questions were answered and my fear of roses were overcome I’ve continued to share my healthy roses to this day.   Read more about the advice I was given using social media and how it gave me healthy rose blooms all season long.   The pruning advice provided by Chris at @RedneckRosarian give my  landscape  color from roses unlike I’d ever experienced before.  In the image above I share with you my roses by Proven Winners and Knock Out that are still blooming crazy along with my mums here in Ohio.

Click Above Image To Visit Chris Site Filled with Amazing Roses!

To ensure continuous blooms for next year I made a quick call to my dear friend Chris.   In the podcast today you will learn basic rose care for Autumn gardens.    If you have any additional questions be sure to tweet into #rosechat tonight on Twitter.  You can find more information about that event at #rosechat.

Did you know that disease  can hang around till next year if you don’t clean up around the rose shrub the correct way?  Listen into these tips from @redneckrosarian.

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