Pruning Tropical Hibiscus

If you don’t rely on those who actually grow who can you trust?  Being the social media grower as I’m today it is unthinkable to not ask my connections on the networks ‘what do I do next’ and that is just what I did a few weeks ago before the first 40* reading arrived on the Weather Channel App.  I have been growing a few of my tropical hibiscus for over 3 years now in containers and they have become a part of the family.  Some of the varieties I’m growing  I have never seen in garden centers locally so I want to be sure I take extra good care of them.

Growing Year-Round in Ohio

When the temperature starts to drop it is time to start thinking about what you want to save to enjoy in the winter months and to add to your garden next year.  One of the first containers that get moved into my 10’x12′ greenhouse each autumn is the tropical hibiscus plants.  I think I’ve got at least a dozen now that I grow here in Ohio.   Last year I had moved two doubling red tropical hibiscus that were in containers into our new sun-room inside our home.  It was a challenge keeping them moist due to the fact that our home is heated with a wood stove.  I ended up adding those two plants to the compost pile in early spring. The tropical pictured on the left was the one survivor from that sun-room heated by the wood stove.  This year I’m going to move the ‘survivor’ back into the sun-room so I needed to prune its branches that had reached well over 5 feet tall during the summer months.

Don’t Be Shy – Pruning Tips CLICK IMAGE

I totally trust my Facebook and Twitter friends who I communicate with daily.  I used the comments they shared that gave me confidence that I was doing the right thing and a few weeks later I have new growth on the plant pictured in this blog post.   Read my pruning how-to by clicking the image above.

Pile of Cuttings from 4 Year Old Shrub

Trust me, when I first started to cut into this shrub after growing it for so many years I was totally nervous.  Look at the pile of cuttings from the pruning job.  After a few weeks I’ve got new growth on the plant above the pruning cut as well as where old leaves had fallen off from early summer growth.

Thank you to all my garden social media friends …. you’ve once again given me the courage to grow more!



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