Tuesday Blooms From St. Mary

Today for Bloom Tuesday I am in Limerick, Ireland.  One of the things I’m loving about the sights in this green country is the splash of bright color on a very cadaverous canvas. This morning we had some free time to go in search of the city.I decided to head out toward this magnificent tower I can see from my room window.

At the time I did not know we were visiting one of the oldest and most historical buildings in Limerick. This Cathedral was founded  in 1168 on the site of a palace donated by Donal Mor O’Brien King of Munster. You can read more about the history of this majestic Cathedral at : http://www.cathedral.limerick.anglican.org/

The view from the sidewalk does not look inviting to this American Tourist but curiosity kept me a snapping away with my camera.

As I near closer to the Cathedral entrance that was once a place were soldiers sharpened their swords I began to notice the many shades of green Ireland is famous for.

If the stones of the pathway to the Cathedral porch could talk! Wouldn’t it be a treat to hear of all the Kings and Princess’ who had walked on them many years ago.



Along the stone wall tucked in between all that lushes green were some fuchsia blooming.  I am not sure what the purple flower is.  I did pick up a Irish Wild Flower book today but the only think close to the bloom discription would be Wild Thyme . I also wanted to share an image of the green that grows along rock walk ways and walls which is pictured in the bottom left of the upper collage.  Although I did not see many blooms today it was surely the greenest!

*This was a post from my first blog in 2009  /  More from my Irish Shares click HERE.


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