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It has been an amazing green weekend in my Ohio garden thanks to unseasonable warm temperatures and rain showers. When I walk out toward our wooded acreage toward the branch of the Portage River that runs through our garden I can’t help but think of our trip to Ireland a few years ago. The moss and moist green scents… I’m in love! I’m excited to end this St. Patrick’s weekend with you all by sharing a few of my photos from the Philadelphia International Flower and Garden Shows display by one of their official sponsors –  Classic Ireland with a Twist : Jump Into Ireland.

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Speaking from my heart after visited the wonderful land of Ireland a few years ago this garden display was MARVELOUS!  The lighting in most garden shows are always a challenge to place one’s self out in the actual landscape but I must say this piece totally took me back to the country side. To smell the green,  view the ivy on aged stone and a glimpse of the headstone featured on the landscape display took me back to 2009 when I found myself remembering those who had passed taking photos in the yards in Ireland.  I can’t help but close my eyes and remember the stone we found as we hiked out into the country side in Curragh Chase Forest outside of Limerick Ireland.   These photo below are from my visit a few years ago so you can see the similarities presented at the Philadelphia Show.

To find out more about touring Ireland be sure to check out Discover Ireland.com

More from my Irish Shares on this site at : BGgarden. com / Ireland.

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