March Greenhouse Report

March is quickly coming to an end and I can’t help but fear we are going to have one of those springs that dives right from winter cold to summer hot after snow flakes were falling in the garden this last week of March.  It is hard to believe we are heading into the last days of March and I have yet to share a report from my beloved home away from home AKA the greenhouse.  It has been an amazing month here on the BGgarden blog if you have been following my shares into Spring.  We’ve shared from Seattle at the AMAZING  Northwest Flower & Garden Show , Miami Florida for the Costa Farms Social Summit and started preparing for the Proven Winners Extravaganza in Toronto all while starting seeds for a bountiful garden in 2011.

It wouldn’t be a  greenhouse report if we didn’t share the blooms that mean the most to us.  On the left is the March view of my favorite bloom from my greenhouse ever.  It is the Bonfire Begonia  that was hard to find a few years ago  so it is a treasure to be able to share this plant that has made it through the winter in my Ohio greenhouse.  I look forward to watching this bloom back in my garden once it can be moved back out into the sunny landscape later this springg after all danger of frost has passed.

My greenhouse is filled with annuals, perennials and new veggies from October to this time of year ( as pictured above).   In the collage above I show the new BLUE PEONIES TREE I found in Seattle.  I look forward to adding this to my garden after giving it a head start in the greenhouse.  The plants that were wintered over are being condensed and re-potted to smaller containers to make room for the seeds that are being started.

This is the first time I have EVER had Hens & Chicks bloom in my garden ( and greenhouse). The bloom kind of reminds me of a mum only it has as hint of sweet scent if you smell close enough.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do when this perennial is done blooming.  DO you think I should divide it since the sprouts are super long and look kind of odd in that terra cotta container?

The passion vine that my husband bought for me back on our 17th Wedding  Anniversary almost a year ago has been blooming on and off since November.  I had cut this vine back and watched new growth grow up to this date.  To see these blooms in the dead cold of winter is a wonderful experience.

Above is a quick video tour of my March 2011 Greenhouse.

Now that room has been made by condensing the plants into smaller pots it is time to start the seeds that will be planted in the garden and landscape in a few short months.    I invite you to share with me your thoughts on growing year-round.  Do you winter over some of your favorite annuals?

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