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Each day is filled with networking about the fun things I grow in my greenhouse or in the garden depending on the time of year. There are many amazing people on Twitter who enjoy sharing their experience by commenting to others.  If it weren’t for conversation on the social networks I don’t think I would have the garden I do today. Social networking can provide you with answers you need from others who are growing or caring for the same plants.  Four years ago I was introduced to ideas and tips on growing natural in my greenhouse.   I shared my experience with Meg of @LiquidFence and she featured me in the LF User Spotlight on The Liquid Fence blog ‘Fence Post’.   I’m hoping others will read my share and consider the different alternatives to growing.

I shared with Meg :

I like to stay natural / chemical free in the greenhouse ESPECIALLY in the winter months.  Who wants to be cooped up in a 10′x12′ structure breathing in chemicals?   We also have fish being raised in the greenhouse along with a small bunny barn that is attached to the greenhouse.

In the past I have used soap water solutions.  This process has worked but it is alot of work because I really didn’t see anything happening to the aphids until I used the remedy for a few days and apply at least 3 times a day.  The really cool thing about the Liquid Fence Insect Killer is it smells nice as well as gets rid of the aphids in the first application. #winning !


Be sure to check out their website at the Garden Insect Killer by Liquid Fence.



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