February Fertilizer Friday from my 80* Greenhouse

Seed Racks in Late February

Seed Rack Featuring Martha Stewart Basics

As Spring quickly approaches the seasonal isle in my local stores start filling up with seeds.  It seems like more retail locations in my area are catching on to the growing seed frenzy because I’m noticing displays in various new locations this year.  The image shared to the left is the new Martha Stewart collection I snapped while at Home Depot last week.   Marthas’ collection is keeping it simple featuring many of the basic seeds for veggie and flower gardens.

When I think basics while collecting my seeds to start in the greenhouse I’m thinking cold harvest favorites that can be started in March in the raised beds.  As long as the soil in these beds are unfrozen and turn-able, I will be starting various swiss chard, onions, peas, radishes and lettuce.  My favorite spring blooms like allisum and pansies will be started in the greenhouse for a late April planting out in that cold frame bed.
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Not Sure What This Would Do For My Soil Experience

This year I’m noticing more gismos like this soil tester collection by Ferry Morris.  If you are reading my blog and can help me or direct me to some information you would recommend about these kits /  tools I would be greatly appreciative because I’m not sure how these would help me and my growing experience.

This large but extremely lightweight bag of soil m alternative by Burpee is labeled eco-friendly and made from coconut fibers.  I mix up my own soil that is mostly made up of broken down compost from our rabbits we raise here in the garden – greenhouse.  I’m curious to find out more about this product so I wouldn’t be surprise if by the end of the seasons I’ve purchased a bag just to be able to cure my curiosity.    If you’ve used this product … I’d love to hear from you!

Favorite Seeds so far 2012

Before I break into song and dance ‘ these are a few of my favorite things!’…..  I want to recommend these garden treasures:

  • Alysum
  • Cardinal Climber

This variety of Alysum was just amazing last year.  The blooms trailed out of my raised beds draping almost 8″ reminding me of the Proven Winner variety : Snow Princess.   Last year I forgot to start my Cardinal Climber and summer in the veggie garden just wasn’t the same.  This beautiful vine pairs up great on a trellis with the Burpee seedless cucumber vine.   When the cucumber is done in early July due to the heat of the summer the cardinal vine will help shade it promising a few more blooms as well as cover up the dying cucumber with its lush green leaves and striking red blooms all the way into the first frost.

Sorry for the dark cell phone images but this time of year from the greenhouse that is what you will find on my site.   While the sun is out and the greenhouse is heating up to the high 80*s I’m too busy cleaning , planting and maintaining the green growing in the greenhouse.   In the image above you will see the new leaves arriving on most of my hibiscus and lime shrub as well as recycled Proven Winner containers being used to winter over some of my favorite herbs and annuals.   The orange crown is a gift from an old blogging friend up in Canada. I’ve had this treasure which lights up in the evening as a lucky reminder that there is someone growing along with me up in Canada

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