Bloom Day – From Cleveland H&G Show

I woke on this Bloom Day in February to find that my heater had turned off during the night in the greenhouse.  The temperature outside was a crisp 2*F and the greenhouse was at  25*F  when I awoke at 7 am.  Not to panic because from the looks of the house so far nothing major is seriously damaged.  The new little basil starters that were struggling along got their final zap. I have learned not to start new  basil seeds until later in the year because they truly like to grow in the heat of the sun.   This has all been a wonderful leaning experience.  I have learned that ‘maybe’ I might want to look a little more serious at the thermometer with an alarm that will go off when it reaches the ‘danger’ zone in the greenhouse.  Everything was normal when I went to sleep with the temperature at 45*F.

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Bloom Day from The Great Big Cleveland Home & Garden Show:

I am going to share these wonderful orchids that were on display in Cleveland yesterday from the Master Gardeners Club out of Cuyahoga County / Ohio.   The lighting was difficult to work with at the show to take images of the blooms.  I don’t think my images capture their true beauty due to the indoor lighting.  The show was magnificently lite for the landscape design.

I have been wanting to try and orchid in my home and these images truly inspire.

Enjoy your Bloom Day and be sure to stop by Carols blog at May Dreams Gardens.  Thank you for hosting this fun event Carol! This is a wonderful way to connect with other gardeners and see what blooms they are enjoying this time of the year.

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