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Did you know that you can connect with all types of garden enthusiast and people who want to share in the conversation every day using #garden themed hashtags?  Last Thursday I had the privilege of guest hosting on #herbchat with host @gardengeri.  You can read more about the event that took place on Twitter and the products I gave away at #Moving Day #herbchat Guest Host on my blog.   During the 1 hour conversation that took place Thursday afternoon at 2 p.m. ET on Twitter products were shared and growing information on how to move the garden indoors was the theme promoted.

As Guest Host –  A few Points I’d like to Elaborate On :

[038] BG_garden I’m really excited to host #herbchat today …. I’m not usually in the HOT SEAT on Twitter chats! (Thu 11:31AM)

That is right  – I’m the host on the Monday night Twitter chat : #gardenchat.  It isn’t every day I get asked to share what I know about growing.

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[040] BG_garden RT @YayBeads: @BG_garden – I’m excited to get in the garden with #herbchat 2p.m. ET on Twitter” . < awesomeness!!! see you at 2 pm.
ET (Thu 11:35AM)

Join the #herbchat Twitter gang every Thursday at 2 pm. ET on Twitter.

[044] BG_garden @NatraCourtney hope you join in … natural growing is VERY important part of growing indoors! #herbchat (Thu 11:46AM)

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A few years back before I was so active on Twitter I would have never thought of the importance of using all natural indoors.  Thanks to product providers like @GreenSoil and @NatraCourtney who showed up at the #herbchat today we can learn daily about the natural goodness available for all growers.

[060] BG_garden Todays #herbchat is not all about what you can grow in a greenhouse … herbs that do well indoors! JOIN US 2 pm. ET (Thu 12:43PM)

You can grow just about anything indoors as long as you don’t over water and provide the correct amount of sun light.

[094] BG_garden IF you click over to my site at I have a slide show I put together just for this event today! #herbchat (Thu 2:04PM)

I put together a quick slide show to promote what I enjoy bringing indoors each year.  If you can’t view the slide show above because you are mobile be sure to click on my Google Link.

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[117] BG_garden I’ve been growing indoors ( houseplants ) for over 20 years now. I’ve always had some rosemary growing in a pot in a room! #herbchat (Thu

Rosemary is drought tolerant so be careful not to over water. The plant will do best in a sunny windowsill.  While the plant is indoors be sure to keep it trimmed to fit the container size.

[187] BG_garden I always have success starting any type of Basil indoor from seed to move to the garden.. just not to harvest! #herbchat (Thu 2:16PM)

Basil seedlings are easy to start but once they reach a certain height they need more heat then I can provide indoors with out purchasing grow lights or another heat source.  I start my basil seeds in early April in my zone 5b so they can be moved out into the garden by Mid-May.

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[286] BG_garden TIP : when moving plants ( herbs indoor) repot in fresh soil! #herbchat (Thu 2:27PM)

I replant ALL plants that are being moved indoors from outdoors because it is a great time to give them fresh soil as well as helps eliminate any bugs that maybe growing in the old soil.

[295] BG_garden Do not PANIC if you lose leaves first few weeks .. new will return if you don’t over water! #herbchat (Thu 2:28PM)

Many of my plants that get moved into the greenhouse end up losing their leaves the first week.  Within the next 2 weeks new leaves appear. I shared this experience on my blog at Bear with Bare.

[322] BG_garden @gardengeri I use a rabbit compost and soil #herbchat < healthy soil from happy bunnies who eat all natural pellets! > (Thu 2:30PM)

Read more about my fuzzy little compost makers on my blog at Fuzzy & Feasible for Any Grower.

[347] BG_garden @janchilds wow .. plants bug free! Before moving them indoors give a good spray of WATER on the plant! ( not soil). #herbchat (Thu 2:34PM)

I learned the water trick from @gagasgarden : it really helps to give a plant a good spray down of water from the hose before moving the plant indoors.  This helps get rid of the aphids and other critters enjoying the leaves.

Questions & Answers from #herbchat

[125] erinmharris @BG_garden HOW?! Rosemary dries up on me (just to spite
me, I think) whenever I try to move it indoors for the winter. #HerbChat (Thu

My suggestion would be to spray the plant with fresh water every other day during the winter months.  It maybe your home heat source drying the plant.  I have this problem with our wood burning stove.


 Favorite Tweets During The Event

[386] cityslipper @BG_garden @artbyadrienne2 I started thyme from seeds under
lights one winter. Trick was: plant a lot, assume you’ll get some. #herbchat (Thu

[403] erinmharris @C_Vanderlinden @cityslipper @gardengeri Lime + basil (+
garlic) = good marinade. Lime basil? Sounds weird. #HerbChat (Thu 2:41PM)

[405] GreenSoil #MooPooTea adds nutrients to the pant drenching them in it rids
the plant of pests so it’s a Win-Win @HouseplantGuru #herbchat (Thu 2:41PM)

[401] PrimlaniKitchen Lol, I cheated..I bought a small pot and planted
it..@cityslipper #herbchat (Thu 2:41PM)

[348] cityslipper @BG_garden You put fish and bunnies in your soil? Do you
chop them up first? #herbchat (Thu 2:34PM)

VERY FUNNY Daniel of @Cityslipper Twitter :  I water my greenhouse with the water from the fish tank.  The bunnies in the barn attached to the greenhouse provide the compost I use for my plant growing experience indoors!

The Winners of the Product Giveaways

Thank you Liquid Fence for allowing me to share your product on the #herbchat when I guest host on Thursday.  I know Robert Bornstein who was the number of Tweet picked to receive the watering container and the Eco Friendly Insect Killer.

Thank you David at Dollar Seed for providing an awesome seed giveaway in which Jeavonna of @jchapstik s number of Tweet was picked to receive.

Thank you Corona Tools for providing the awesome set of Comfort Gel pruners for @yayBeads who was the winning Tweet of this product.

If you have any additional questions about Twitter Chat forums or Bringing Herbs Indoors please submit a comment on this blog post because I ‘m happy to help you find an answer.


You can read the complete transcript from this event on the PDF I saved at: #herbchat _ / Moving The Garden Indoors 10/18/2012


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