Not Hard To Find and Super Easy To Grow : Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is the Star of My Sunroom This Week

Every year I grab a Christmas cactus from the garden center in our local grocery store as an impulse purchase.  Who can resists the colorful packaging featuring a seasonal bow and of course the blooms on the plant are to die for!  And for some reason every year this garden enthusiasts ends up with a dead plant before the new year arrives.

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This is the first year the schlumbergera bridgesii (otherwise known as the Christmas Cactus) celebrates it’s first birthday in my sun-room.   You can imaging my surprise last winter when this plant was growing strong in January.  After many years of FAIL growing of this plant I have learned the best way to keep it alive is to LEAVE IT ALONE!  I tend to over water plants.  When I do water this plant it is usually with one of my favorite organic fertilizers.  I only water this plant once a week and keep it in a medium light window which happens to be my north facing room in our home sun-room. My sun-room is where the wood burning stove is located that heats our home here in Ohio.  I am sure to add water to the dish below the plant to provide some moisture ‘action’.

Can you imaging my surprise when I saw these blooms forming ( Image on the left).   I will keep you posted on the blooming period so be sure to follow me on Twitter at @BG_Garden where I share almost on the hour!

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