Wilson’s First Spring

You can imagine our surprise when when this super skinny box arrived last spring from Stark Bro’s. Desperate  to get some apricots from our own garden we were eager to get this sapling planted!   We had tried a few different apricot tree varieties but nothing seemed to survive the winter back in our Ohio zone 5 b orchard.  I never saw any deer damage thanks to the poop bags we hang from the trees.  This variety of fruit just never survived the winters in the orchard which is nestled in the middle of woods sheltered from the wind. Click on the image to the right to see an up close view of the skinny Wilson.

This spring Wilson as sprouted beautiful branches and healthy flowers .  We are looking forward to sharing more images and hopefully a few fruits from the harvest in late summer.



I feel like the proud parent showing off baby photos … look how he has grown!   Be sure to follow my Wilson updates on Twitter and stop over to Stark Bro’s site to check out the official page with information about this apricot tree.

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  1. Dave April 28, 2012