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Last week was the last of the  Outdoor Living Extravaganza Event hosted by Proven Winners for Spring 2011.  Four major cities in Canada and the United States were chosen to kick off  the planting season by holding a retreat and seminar featuring local garden specialist.  I attended the Canadian event held in Toronto, Ontario.   Toronto happens to be one of my favorite cities in North America because of it’s amazing culture and focus on the arts which you will find throughout the city in  independent art galleries and in the spectacular Toronto Museum of Art.   In a city filled with amazing artist you are sure to find some inspiring gardens.

Proven Winners did an excellent job choosing the Angus Glen Golf  Club location which was easy to get to even for the out of country guest like me! You know I’m going to talk about the food because it is an important part of my gardening experience so let me share that the catering at this event was served by a friendly staff and the menu was filled with some treats from the garden.  The speaker list left everyone ready to get out in the gardens that were just getting ready to be uncovered after a long winters nap in this region of Canada.   Beckie Fox, editor of Garden Marking Magazine shared some wonderful information on demystifying garden design which I was able to capture some of her key points on video and will be share as the season allows here on my site.  Mark Cullen also known as Canada’s Best Known Gardener shared wonderful tips on living green from his 10 acre garden.   Paul Zammit…< OH MY WORD> Love Him! Paul is the Director of Horticulture Toronto Botanical Garden and did an amazing talk on DRAMATIC container Gardens.  His talk was filled with colorful images from his gardens that made the crowd ‘ohhh and ahhh’.   And YES, I did get some footage from Paul’s talk that you won’t want to miss!

John Gaydos ,the Director of Product Development and Promotion at Proven Winners and a favorite garden specialist of mine  shared a slide presentation titled “Only the Best for Your Garden”. Not only is Proven Winners dedicated to bringing you the best plants for your garden  they are also dedicated to educating you on how to make this possible once you take the plant home.  After John shared some wonderful tips on making your garden the best for 2011 I was able to talk to him candid about these tips he shared.  Today I ‘m going to share with you a segment on fertilizing your plants by Proven Winners.  I’ll have more from this event as spring blooms on.

Tips on Fertilizing Your Petunias by John Gaydos of Proven Winners

Do I have you curious to when the next Proven Winners event will be held?  If all those shares didn’t spark your curiosity the smile on Kathy Ashton’s face will get you wanting to attend next year.   Kathy was the lucky winner of the Seed Keeper Company prize at the Outdoor Living Extravaganza.   Right after she won her kit I asked her if she plants seeds and she informed me that she has never tried but after looking at this kit by Carol and Kerrie she can’t wait to give it a try!    Everyone got to take home a Proven Winner gift bag loaded with garden goodies including a trowel from Corona Tools and free flowers from Proven Winners local growers.     Everyone is a winner who attends any Proven Winner event because it is in the name!

This next week I’m off to visit P. Allen Smiths Garden Home Retreat in Little Rock, Arkansas.  I look forward to sharing with LIVE via my shares on this webpage I put together dedicated to the Garden2Blog event.    There you will find photos and information that I will share via the networks just like I did at this event.    YOU are the reason I love to share all the amazing things growing on from my world so please be sure to ask questions or leave me a comment at the bottom of this page.

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