Tuesday Bloom – Must Have Seeds

Surrounded by thoughts of sowing some seeds it is important for me to reflect on images from gardens past.   The sunflowers that artfully dance in the image above are from my 20o8 veggie & bloom garden.  The variety is the Lemon Queen by Burpee Seed and I’ve been growing these in my country garden for about four years now.    These are a must have in my garden because they are not only fun to dance with in the garden, they also make a wonderful addition to my cut bouquets.    This variety had been easy to find including in the basic Burpee Seed displays in most stores that carry any planting supplies.

The view of the Cardinal Climber Vine late in the summer.

Another must have in my veggie & bloom garden is the Cardinal Climber Vine because I love the way it blooms all summer long and grows comfortably up a trellis with my cucumbers.  When the cucumber is done for the summer the beautiful bloom on this tropical looking flower continues to attract butterflies.   It is an easy seed to start early but you can also sow it right into the soil in the garden.

I think the Nasturtium is on every gardeners must have list. I started growing these from seed over 12 years ago after being introduced to them by my sister in law who was a avid gardener.  This seed was introduced to my garden in late June and I had a striking border in my yard in the city by the end of August.    As I learned more about my garden I quickly became a fan of using the blooms in salads as well as enjoying the climbing variety in container plantings.

These were a few of my MUST HAVE seeds each year.  I hope you share with me on my post a few of your seeds that you must grow each year.

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