The Pink has arrived on my Pinky Winky

Maybe the crazy weather or maybe just the fact that it is a winner.....

This shrub started blooming a few weeks back holding a creamy white flower that catches the eye of everyone who arrives in my part shade garden. This Proven Winners Hydrangea is at the edge of the landscaping that receives a sun most of the early afternoon. I use to think Pinky Winky is an weird name for a shrub that only turns pink in the later part of its life. Once you experience the life cycle of the flowers panicle that continue to produce new white florets at the tip of the pink panicle you will see where it got its name. The spectacular two-toned flower panicles reaches close to 10" on my shrub by the end of the season. I added this shrub to my garden three years ago and love it because there is no maintance like my traditional Hydrangeas. Today this shrub has just begun to put on her PINK so I am going to share here for Fertilize Friday!

Twitter Storm Chaser

Last Night we had more crazy weather come through our area. Thank goodness none of the rotation in the storm touched down in our community that has been struck early this storm season. Here are a few of my Twitter shares that I sent as I captured it via my cell phone. I love sending images from the Midwest Garden and just simple living shares via Twitter this time of year. Stop by and follow me if you Tweet!

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