Taytos Have Arrived


I was so excited to pull this beauty from the ground with many more peeking out as I begin to harvest.

This was the first year I grew potatoes. A bin at one of my favorite Garden Centers filled with Irish Potatoes caught my eye and got me thinking seriously about growing my own spuds. Last December my husband and I had traveled to Ireland where some of the best meals were from their potatoes. What an adventure it has been to grow my own.

I can’t believe how many potatoes there were under one plant. I felt like a kid finding treasures on an Easter Egg hunt as I began to fill my harvest basket. I pulled 5 nice size potatoes out from under one plant.

Before and After Photos of the Raised Bed Potato Garden

If you know anything about planting potatoes, you can tell by the twine I used to separate the varieties of potatoes I planting (photo on left) I had no idea what I was getting into. In the beginning I was a little nervous wondering if I planted the potato correctly. They took a few weeks to pop up green. Once the green arrived there was no stopping. The potato bloomed about six weeks into its’ life cycle. The photo on the right shows the bed the day I harvested. The green of the potato plant starts to look tired and almost as if it was ready to die. I did notice there are additional spuds growing under the new green. I am hoping to have potatoes all the way into Autumn.

One of my favorite finds in Ireland was a bag of Mr. Taytos. Don’t get my wrong, I totally enjoyed all the healthy European foods made with organic veggies but I have to have my junk food sometimes. These Potato Chips, which the Irish call ‘crackers’ or ‘fries’ had an advertisement for a book featuring this Irish Spud. During my days of touring the city I made it my mission to find that book to take home to share with my children. You can imagine my delight when I found the book in a larger book store located in Limerick after being told by many Irish retailers that there was no such book!

A few of my favorites photos from our trip to Limerick, Ireland.

I can’t wait to share some recipes of all the yummy dishes I have been making with these Taytos. Do you have a favorite dish you make with Potatoes in the summer time?


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